Exterior LED bulbs for downlights

johnstaciDecember 21, 2009

Have 8 exterior can lights in the soffit that shine down to accent the brick on our house. Looking to replace incandescent bulbs with LED lights. Lights are tied to a photocell and are on all night - they burn out after a few months and use a lot of energy. Tried CFL's but they are too white and don't look right - not soft yellow.

The can lights are mini-cans - bulbs approx 2.5" wide by 3.5" long.

Do they make these size LED bulbs that would work outside? Looked a some at Home Depot awhile back and think they all said for interior use only. Why is it they can't be used outside? If they are protected from rain (under the soffit), would you chance paying for them? If not, are there similar sized CFL's that look more like incandescents?

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No experience with LED's so I can't help you there. Exterior CFL floodlights are pretty common at the big box stores. Look for a color temperature of 2700k for a warm white, might be in fine print on the package or some code on the bulb (the number 27 somewhere beside the wattage). Actually these are a little yellow for my taste and I go with 3000k to 3500k. Pick up a couple to experiment with.

It's not uncommon to have photocells that will only work with incandescent bulbs. To test with CFL's remove all the incandescents and put in one CFL. If that works you're good to go. Probably the same test will work for LED's but that's just a guess.

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Okay, yes I have experience. they do make LED spotlights. We just bought one from HUDNUT, Portland, OR. They are $150 for each bulb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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