Venting dryer downward/through floor

heimertDecember 4, 2007

Because of the location of our laundry room (center of house/2d floor), it looks like the best route for dryer exhaust/vent is through floor to first floor ceiling joists, and then out the side of the house.

Are there any special precautions for this venting route, given that it's going down, rather than up? Is there any issue the fact that heat rises? Or that moisture that may collect on duct will not dribble back towards the dryer?

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How long would the vent length be?

Don't exceed the dryer MFG length or the dryer may automatically shut off.

Also, it's not a good idea to use ANY (even metal) flexible vents inside of walls because of the possibility of a fire.
Lint is highly flammable, flexible metal vents are FAIRLY fire resistant.

Be sure the whole length can be inspected and cleaned out when necessary.

Rigid metal vent pipe would be easier to clean out (chimney brush, ect.)

Looks like you could use one of these and vent up, down, or sideways thru the walls / floor / ceiling.

about $25 free shipping, also PayPal

link to dryer box
Also see BOTH pages of the Photo Gallery

Here is a link that might be useful: Dryer Vent Box

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