Fisher Paykell GWL11 Errors

dhp68December 29, 2013

Our Fisher Paykell GWL11 began failing intermittenly with error code 49, usually during the wash cycle (but not consitent as to precisely when). Initially, restarting the load and forwarding through to rinse and/or spin would work. Then, unplugging it and letting it set overnight would let it work again. Now it's just dead. Error code 49 comes up on applying power and won't let us do anything.

Both hot and cold valves measure 61 Ohms and the drain pump measues 7.0 Ohms. Measurements were made with "cold" parts as the washer has been off for better than a day. My multimeter is cheap so I suspect the difference (5%) from spec values of 64 and 7.5 Ohms, respectively, is error. If it were really important to verify this I could track down a better multimeter.

There was a little bit of standing water in the tray where the valves and motor controller sit upon removing the display cover. Seemed like there may have been a small leak, but, not enough to spill over onto the floor that we ever noticed.

We have no FP service nearby so I'm hoping to get away with a single parts order. I'm thinking it's the motor controller module given that neither valves nor pump are testing as "shorted out" or with very low or high resistance. Would an expert agree? What would you replace first?

Last question - Our motor controller is model 420094 from November 2004. I don't find this part number on the FP parts website. Anyone know what the correct new part number is?

Thanks very much for any assistance you can offer.

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There should be a product code on the machine's model tag along with the model number. You may have to look on back of the cabinet to find it.

GWL11-96151 lists two boards:
- 420094USP
- 420377USP
Both substitute now to 420094USP

GWL11B-96151B lists only 420094USP.

420094USP is the current replacement board in both cases.

There shouldn't be ANY water in the console tray. A common leak source is the thermistor seal on the water mixing chamber.

It may be reasonable to replace the cold valve for good measure ... your choice whether to also replace the hot valve. Fault 49 refers specifically to cold. Fault 50 is the hot valve but 49 may take precedence over 50 if both are bad. Fault 48 is supposed to trigger if both hot and cold are bad but sometimes it doesn't. The hot and cold valves are separate parts / numbers. They read the same resistance value but are physically different.

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