Daylight LED module in Halo 4" Can

JJack_321December 29, 2012


Intending to have recessed LED in the kitchen, I had the contractor install Halo 4" cans - H995RICAT.

Then I started looking for the LED module and realized Halo sells only one colour - 3000k. In the kitchen, we are used to daylight. I considered putting CFL in the Halo cans but these are specially designed for LED modules :( Looked up CREE but CR6 only has 2700k. LR6 has 3500k but does not look compatible with the Halo can.

The contractor and I scratched our respective heads and are pretty much out of ideas. Any help here will be greatly appreciated.


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All the LR6 and CR6 series are intended for use in 6" cans.

1. Adapt to the 300k light color.
2. Switch out the cans and lamps.

The link below gives you an alternative.

Here is a link that might be useful: CSL Eco mini down light

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Halo makes 4" LED light engines in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K (neutral), and 4100K (cool white) oolors, though all only 83 CRI.

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....although 4100K is still a bit short of daylight which would be more like 5000K. I think someone (LSGC?) has 5000K PAR20 or BR20 5000K LED downlights that fit 4" cans which would be another alternative.

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HD carries a 5000k version of the CREE CR4, marketed under the EcoSmart label. They have versions with screw-in, and with GU-24 connections.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ecosmart 4 inch 5000k

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....except that it's out of stock online and in all my local stores. But if it's on their website, it may be on the way soon (or in some stores elsewhere). Hope it's still 90+ CRI. Should be a great light.

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Yes, HD doesn't seem to be selling the 5000k "cr4" online. They show as available in several stores local to me, but only 3 or 4 per store.

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