Help in choosing new front loaders -- good riddence to Bosch

maggie07December 30, 2006

Hello all,

I've been researching and lurking here for years and now need the group's collective wisdom. I (desperately) need to replace my set of Bosch front loaders, the washer most urgently.

My old apartment had a set of Askos, which we loved. But when we moved to our house we bought a set of Bosch and it's been trouble ever since. The washer is way finicky and has been on the fritz more often than a mother of two can handle.

When I look at the landscape now, there are tons of new machines, new companies, new specs. What have you bought lately that you're happy with and that didn't break the bank?

Would like front loading, water-conserving, big enough for a family of four -- we already have European electric setup, and would like to use that if possible. (Or we can buy domestic machines and have the electric outlet changed back.) Are the bigger American machines as water/energy-efficient as the smaller capacity Askos? Has the super capacity Miele come out yet (she dreams...).

If you bought a new washing machine that you like, that's not a bosch, let me know what you like about it and whether you'd recommend it.

Thanks very much,


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Duet 9400 for about two years, now. Zero trouble. I just read the manual and did what it said. Excellent results on every cycle. Would buy again if shopping today.

Installation on linoleum over concrete; short pipe to water-heater; soft water; levelled and evenly-weighted feet confirmed by installers and self.

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I believe the new 4.0 cu.ft. Miele is coming out in January. It will use 120v, however, so I wouldn't get my hopes up on it being able to achieve temps above 160º. However, knowing Miele, they must have compensated for that somehow.

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I would go with the new GE front loaders say getteing them at Sams club for cheap. They look like nice units.

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Maggie07, I still like the Bosch Nexxt Series of washers. How old were your units? I own a Duet and haven't had any problems yet, but it's too new and too soon to tell.

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Thanks for your suggestions -- my existing Bosch is the WFK 2401 -- which has been a nightmare -- and I've been meticulous about using the right detergent (Sears HE), right amounts, drain the hoses, clean out the traps, etc. It's hard to find repair people who know what they're doing with this machine. And it finally just stopped spinning, after a host of other burn outs -- in-take valve, motor, etc. I can't take it. Will never buy another Bosch.

Looking at the Kenmore HE 2/4/etc. The new giant Miele sounds intriguing -- but what do you all think of buying a 1.0 product -- reliability, etc.?

thanks again,


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Wow, that's funny, I just replaced my WFk2401 with a new LG set. I got the older 2277 washer and matching dryer. I wouldn't use the steam functions on the newer models (hard water here). I absolutely love them. My 10+ loads per week are down to 4. I chose LG because of the cycle selections and the forced water circulation but I'm sure that anything you choose you'll be much happier with. I feel your pain! Best of luck to you! -KC

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Drop-in alternatives for your Bosch Axxis pair would be machines from Asko and Miele. If you get any of the others suggested in this thread, you will (as you note) need a 120V socket in addition to the 240V you currently have from your European pair.

You will find that the larger-drum machines have some deficiencies as compared to the Axxis (and your earlier Asko), notably in the ability to heat water. Small Euro machines heat faster, and they heat hotter, and they can all heat from cold for a profile wash (which none of the larger drum machines can do except the Bosch).

As for reliability, none of the machines - large or small drum - are generally any more reliable than the Bosch, except possibly the Miele. Of course, any of them might be more reliable than your particular Bosch! - DR

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FWIW, my Bosch Axxis W/D set have been problem free for the roughly 5 years that I have had them. I have moved twice with them and even stored them for 1+ year unused. I purchased them when I was single and they served me well. Plus, they have been terrific for my small apartment because they take up relatively little space. Made in Germany, they seem like quality units, and I think they will give good service for at least another 5 years.

However, my wife is counting the days until the Axxis units are replaced. Our family is growing and my wife wants a new washer with higher capacity, so I am especially interested in this thread recommending replacements. For us, Miele and Asko are cost prohibitive, particularly since we are in the process of building a new house. I have never been one to buy an extended warranty/service plan but this may change since it seems, "they don't make them like they used to."

Keep the recommendations coming. Thank you.

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I agree that they don't make them like they used to! I'm replacing my 3 year old dead LG 0532 with an equivalent LG 0642, my advice is to get what you think you like, and then get a 5 year service plan from a company with whom you do business often, so that they'll take care of it IF it breaks. Don't forget to include the cost of the plan when you compare costs at different stores.

I loved my LG, the capacity was great and the long cycle times weren't a problem. I hope the new one lasts many times longer.

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The contrast in philosophies here is interesting: Maggie's washer went on the fritz and this turned her utterly against the brand, kksmama's machine broke down and she wants to replace it with exactly the same machine! - DR

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The thing is that my machine worked beautifully, then died quickly. If I'd been through several repairs I'd probably feel differently. I hope this will be like buying a 2nd or 3rd model year car, that LG has worked the bugs out and that the new one (0642 instead of 0532) will last. If it doesn't, I have some confidence that Best Buy will make it right.

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That is some interesting logic, that if the machine dies quickly, it is better than if the machine dies a slow death.

Because machines are, well, machines, there is the oft chance that perhaps some maintenance might correct a problem and the unit would function for many cycles more.

I would expect a washing machine to last for ten years under normal use.

A good washing machine would last for 20 years.

I'm not slamming LG, because I have an LG vacuum cleaner (230v 60Hz) that is an outstanding performer.

Still, if a washing machine can't last for more than a couple of years, I'd be seriously questioning that brand.

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My first washer was a Kenmore and lasted for 14, I was happy with that (and it was also a sudden death, no warning, no maintenance). I'd even be happy with 10; now that I have four large and active children one year in my family is like two in a smaller household.

Every manufacturer has the occasional defect, I'm going to hope that LG is overall a quality brand and I just got a bad unit. I've read about bad Kenmores, bad Bosches, bad Askos, bad Whirpools, and lots of bad Maytags....but I gotta wash my clothes in something, right?

A front loader is most practical, I don't think there is enough evidence to favor one over the others, and my overall experience wasn't painful so...why choose something else? My read of Maggie's experience is that it was awful because it was long and drawn out, many parts were replaced over a course of time. If that had happened to me I'd also choose another brand.

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I'm not slamming LG, because I have an LG vacuum cleaner (230v 60Hz) that is an outstanding performer.

Hey Mark, I gather from this you're still overseas? You bought an LG vacuum instead of a Miele??

BTW, the Bosch Axxis set that Maggie has has the second best washing machine reliability record in Europe (after Miele), but we've seen several reports on this forum of control board problems with the US versions of this model. With the exception of a batch of model 6400 units, the NeXXt line seems to have managed to avoid similar problems. - DR

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A bit late in voicing my opinion. I'd just like to say that Bosch washers have served our family very well for decades. Our current model is a WFK 2401 UC operating on 200 Volt, although it is rated for 208/240. We are in Japan and I imported the machine from the United States in 2000. It has been in operation, almost daily, for 14 years now. The only maintenance it needed was a new power switch and new carbon brushes 2 years ago. Both jobs I did myself. Could it be that the machine is lasting forever because it operates on a relatively low voltage?

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