Need help choosing recessing lighting bulbs and size

susanlynn2012November 23, 2011

First sorry so long. I will cross post to the kitchen forum. I have an electrician coming by Friday morning and I have yet to get a quote back from another electrician on LED recessed lighting and the electrician that came today was pushing Incandescent recessed lighting).

The pretty lamp I chose to hang in my kitchen does not have enough room to take the three 100 CFL bulbs I bought and that would mean I would have to use lesser wattage bulbs or incandescent lighting.

I need a nice white light like my halogen lights under my Zephyr Breeze II hood that is bright, very white light that makes my new tiles look so beautiful with the ivory, beige, gray veins, reddish brown/beige in the tiles that is the reason I bought them. Regular incandescent bulbs make my tiles beige and gray and the other colors are not seen well and they are not that pretty.

I had to change my tube fluorescent lighting to a 6500K in my ceiling (I am trying to replace this ugly outdated looking light) to like the tiles (fell in love with them in a home that is almost identical to mine but had new cherry cabinets and new halogen lights on a track lighting system in the ceiling .... looked nice since the kitchen was so modern) but the daylight light color is not as bright, warm and very white as the hot halogen light due to the lower rendering color index of the Fluorescent light bulbs.

I wish I knew which white k color light spectrum this light was but I looked all over the Internet with no such luck but in a 2002 article it said that the LED MR16 light (My light bulbs are r16 halogen lights but the bulbs offered by the electrician will be MR16 halogen bulbs using an low voltage 4" recessed design) is a brighter 2800K to 3200K in the white spectrum (while incandescent is 2700K) and has a rendering color index of 92 to 100 which is very bright that I love and makes all colors so vivid and true.

The LED CREE light bulb I brought home from Home Depot to see what the 2700K white light would look like is much better than the incandescent bulb since the LED is so crisp and clear and not glaring and my tiles look nicer under the light than the incandescent light BUT the ivory in my tile and the reddish beige is not there anymore and the tiles are not as pretty with the LED light as the halogen light.

I really would like to go with an LED light that does not get hot but one electrician told me over the phone he feels I will be happiest with a low wattage (12 volts) MR16 50 watt halogen recessed bulb and does not feel they will get too hot but will give the bright white crisp warm light that I like that is not cold like the 6500K daylight bulbs.

Does anyone know what LED would give me a light close to the halogen light that I have fallen in love with? The Home Depot LED 2700K soft white is not a good light for the tiles I bought that I can't return.

Would getting halogen lights (low wattage) be not a good idea since LED is taking over and the LED lights are cooler?

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The Zephyr website lists a 50w PAR20 halogen bulb (screw in type) for your Breeze II. Knowing that, your local lighting store might be able to help you find lamps that would match up with it fairly closely. The lamps of this type that I found online were specified at 520 to 600 lumens, 2900K to 3500K color temp, and 90-100 CRI, so even buying the same type of lamp isn't guaranteed to give the same results when you replace a burned out lamp but maybe it's close enough.

Since there's such a range in specs even on the same type bulb, you might go down to wherever you would normally buy bulbs (like Home Depot or Lowe's or your local lighting store) and buy one. Put it into a lamp that you own (it has a normal medium screw-in base) and shine it on the tiles. If you like that light, then look for lighting with those specs. This is a pretty simplistic approach, but at least you would know what kind of light you're going to get and know where to get replacements.

If you have enough time, you could try calling the support people at Zephyr and ask about the specs on their lamps.

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Try a electrical supply house and tell them what you want.

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Hilltop55 and Renovator8, thank you both so much! You are right that my light is a PAR20! I took the bulb out and it said Globe 50W 120V. Then I looked up pictures and it looked like a PAR20. I guess I should try to find a bulb I like that is close to whatever color and brightness of the light the bulb I have is. Many online seem to be 2950 with a CRI of 100 but I am not sure what mine is since I can't find any GLOBE bulbs and wonder if Silvania bought out Globe? I bought my Gas Range and Gas Range Hood in December 2009. The Halogens get hot but the light they give is so true to color and beautiful and bright. It would be great to find a LED bulb similar but if not, I may want to go with Halogen.

I am going to go tomorrow to Home Depot and buy a few bulbs and try them out. If I can't find what I want, I will find an electrical supply house near me.

Again, thank you both so much!

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