Service Codes for Bosch 500 plus series

pbsolarmanDecember 14, 2010

I have a one year old 500 plus series waher and dryer. We have a reocurring problem with the washer that happens about once every 20 loads or so. It's like the spin cycle doesn't complete spinning as the clothes end up still quite wet. I'm looking for the service manual so I can manually put this into the spin mode when this happens. I read in other posting that you might be willing to share the manual you have. As Bosch seems to not want to make their customers happy by making that information available to those, who have paid big money for their product. I find it an outrage... your help would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail is thanks again

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Follow this link to Bosch's Website.

I'm not sure which 500 series you have, but if you select the "additional documents" menu option, it should take you to a screen where you can download the user manual.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: The connection between Mullets and Appliances is scary. Read my blog!

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Thank you Kieffers Guy,
The user guide does not contain any of the service codes. I need to find the actual service manual. Any thoughts on that would be greatly appreciated.

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Based on the information you provided ( about once every 20 loads or so. It's like the spin cycle doesn't complete spinning as the clothes end up still quite wet ) It's more likely you have a balance issue with the load.
A Bosch washer will try to spin a load but tests the balance of the load first at low speed. If the balance isn't right it stops, redistributes the clothes and trys again. If the load is still unbalanced it will stop again and try to redistribute the clothes. It will try to balance up to 14 times. It it does balance the clothes it will spin out the load. It it can't balance the clothes the washer will only spin at around 100 RPM and the clothes will still be wet at the end.

Most out of balance is due to someone adding something like a heavy towel or like to a load of light weight clothes like shirts. Or someone is trying to wash a single heavy item. A washer can't balance this type of load.

You don't need the codes for this. just check the load type when you pull out the wet clothes.

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thank you jakvis.. it sounds like you know what you speak. For what you say it does sound like having codes would not be of help in this case. However, having access to the service manual including the codes should not be restricted to owners of the equipment. For Bosch to refuse to allow owners of these washers (or any of their products)to have the service manual details is wrong. For those who have the ability to make their own repairs should be allowed to. Forcing owners to have to use repair service organizations is just wrong.

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It's not that the manufacturers are forcing people to use authorized repair agents. It's really that people have gotten sue happy in the USA.
There are lawsuits where a customer accessed repair manuals hurt themselves somehow and sued the manufacturer for allowing them to have the manual. All because in their mind it was the manufactures fault that they didn't follow basic service safety rules.
I know an auto mechanic that was sued because he let a friend borrow a service manual. The friend was hurt and the family sued under the guise that the friend would have never attempted the repair if he wasn't allowed to borrow the manual.
This is why almost all the manufacturers have locked down their service websites. Even Whirlpool has finally locked their site.
It's a crazy world out there and I won't let anybody borrow my manuals and this is on the advise of my insurance agent.
If the laws change to force people have personal responsibility for their own actions I'll change my mind and let people borrow my books but until then it t's ain't gonna happen. I love my business and house too much.

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Thank you Jakvis, I can appreciate your thoughts and your position on this issue. I agree manufactures need to cover their butts. However, there are legal ways around this issue as well. A strongly worded release form can resolve this.
Thank you once again for taking your time to respond to my request. Happy New Year to you... pbsolarman

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