Flushmount light on vaulted ceilings

KelliCNovember 2, 2013

I'm not sure who thought this was a good idea.. I have 12.5 foot ceilings throughout my house. In my kitchen I have a chandelier over a "dinette" area and a flushmount on the highest area. I have a can light over the sink as well. I have tried to open the flushmount to change the bulbs to CFL, however while at the top of my ladder I can barely reach this let alone open it safely.

I want to replace it but I'm not sure what would look good here. I would like to be able to change the bulbs either from my 8' ladder or with a pole. I do have the same light in 2 more areas of my house, however these are at 8.5 feet so they'll be much safer to change.

Also, I will be hiring an electrician to be doing this as I'm too scared to try and attempt anything like that on my own. What is a fair price to do this type of fixture change out?

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I had exactly the same problem and have read enough about LED lighting that I decided to buy 3 purpose-built LED fixtures and install them myself. The fixtures I installed put out a claimed 2400 lumens and are very very bright which I really like. Additionally, since they are not trying to make an LED bulb work in a fixture that was designed 100 years ago for an incandescent bulb, apparently the life span on these is much greater since they do not have the heat buildup of an Edison socket. I bought 3 of them at Lowes for about $75 apiece.

I am no electrician, but once you shut the breaker off and remove the old fixture, it is pretty self-explanatory how it works. White wire attached to white wire, black wire attach to black wire, and copper ground to copper ground. It works!

The purpose built LED's put out a very nice light, much better I have found than LED bulbs inside an Edison Fixture.

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