LG Washer Headache... your opinion?

Helen23December 29, 2006

Hi, Would you mind giving me your opinion on this situation? At this point I really don't know what to think.

Two months ago I bought an LG steam generator FL washer. Although I used an HE detergent, it did still leak a little water from underneath the machine. The real problem though came after I washed a couple of new towels and a bathmat. After I dried that load, I noticed that there was a lot of lint in the dryer lint filter... I didn't think too much about it because that's common with new towels. But a couple of loads later, the washer stopped and a message came on the screen saying to clear the filter down at the bottom of the front of the machine. However, there was only a pea-sized piece of lint in there.

The repair person tells me that the drain pump has frozen because it is filled with lint. He hasn't actually seen the pump but says that he assumes that's the problem because he sees a little bit of lint around the door gasket. LG says that their warranty doesn't cover the $214 repair because it was my fault.

I am completely at a loss about this... never in the decades of my using clothing washers have I had such a problem and I've frequently washed new towels and bathmats. Two new towels and one previously washed bathmat did not seem like too much for one load. And neither the towels nor the bathmat "fell apart" -- they are still in fine shape.

I'm concerned that this washer doesn't have an effective lint filtering mechanism... why did the lint end up in the pump instead of in the lint filter? If I pay for the repair, is this going to happen again the next time I have new towels or a bathmat to wash?

The other thing that is utterly crazy-making is that the LG customer service people immediately go into legal mode saying that the Owner's Manual says that this is not covered. Well, the Owner's Manual just says that the Limited Warranty does not cover "misuse." Is washing two new towels and bathmat "misuse"? Please let me know what you think. I've been dealing with old-fashioned front loaders without built-in steam generators all my life... maybe I'm expecting too much from today's washers. It does seem ridiculous, though, for technology to be getting more expensive while it gets less effective.

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"I've been dealing with old-fashioned front loaders without built-in steam generators all my life"

Whoops, I meant top-loaders, not front loaders. Actually, at this point, going down to the river and pounding clothes against the rocks is starting to seem more reasonable than dealing with this company.

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Hi Helen,
This is the mosr rediculous thing I ever heard of. LG is a nightmare. Feel free to read my long winded posta about my washer / dryer combo under getting service. Listed under LG service nightmare. The products are very good but the service is beyond poor. In your case did you pay the fee and if so did you get a warrenty for the fix?
Keep me posted.

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Hi Peter,
Man oh man, I really feel for you going through this sort of nightmare. Luckily there seem to be enough repair places here in Central Florida; it's just the assumption that I have "misused" the washer that has thrown me and also made me question if the washer is designed to handle lint. I'm glad to hear that you think that the products are good. And thank you so much for mentioning getting a warranty for the fix. I've given them my credit card info but the part hasn't arrived yet, so I'll definitely ask them for a warranty before signing off on the repair.

In the darkest moments of this absurd ordeal, I've contemplated filing a class action suit. I wonder if that would even be possible and if the charge would be the defective product or substandard service. But then reality kicks in and I realize that the last thing I want is an endless legal dispute. I'd be so happy for just a functioning, reliable washing machine.


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Hi Helen
A class action suit is not a bad idea but I wouldn't have the time but still not dismissing the possibility of it. I want to do everything to make LG look bad because of theit beyond being poor service. In your case are they going to actually replace the pump? If so I would want to see where the origional got clogged. I am wondering how long you will have to await for the part with service. If you read my LG nightmare postings you would see where I sent the local consumer protection this information and they are going to look into this matter. I want to exercise every avenue to make people realize the potential problems ahead for getting service if they purchase LG.

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Hi Peter,
Yep, they are going to replace the pump (at my cost). I plan to be there photographing the process and hopefully see where the lint got stuck. The repair place expects the pump to arrive on Tuesday and to be out here on Wednesday. Especially if it looks like the machine wasn't handling a normal amount of lint, I'll also be looking up our local consumer protection agency to report this. Thanks for your post.

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Hi Helen,
Yes keep a eye on it and just the fact you only did a single load like that makes no sense. I believe the pump was defective. LG is really something. If you washed lint loads like that day after day I could understand. My objective is to make LG look as bad as possible because of all the grief they caused me.
Keep me posted

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Oh for gods sake. It shouldn't matter if you washed lint loads everyday! Laundry=Lint, period! A properly engineered machine should be able to handle anything. If any brand machine can't handle what it is designed to do whats the sense. It wouldn't be that difficult to design this new breed of FL's with a recirculating pump and real lint filter that back washes on a drain cycle. It's been done for years on TL's. Honestly I am really quite tired of hearing how superior these machines are. In reality there really NOT! There quirky, repair prone, and touchy. Whats superior is the onboard heater, the energy savings, and high extract speeds. The rest of it is an absolute trade off in performence, and time it takes to complete a simple cycle.

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We have a horrible LG washer! After owning for about 6 months (purchased at ~$1200), it started to smell horrible! Water accumulates in it. The service dept suggested we run a couple of loads with vinegar. Didn't work. Now we just leave the door open after a wash. Will never buy LG again.

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If the LG manual doesn't specifically say you can't wash bathmats, then they should cover this under warranty. You won't get any satisfaction speaking to the middle school dropout at customer service who answers the phone, call again and elevate the request to a supervisor, and - if that doesn't work - write to a VP or even the CEO at the company.

I disagree with rpsinfoman about the undesirability of FLs in general (in my experience they perform noticeably better with few significant drawbacks), but agree with him that washers should do what they are supposed to without being coddled or repeatedly serviced. LG is getting quite a reputation on this forum for not standing behind their products. - DR

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Don't give up!! Go to the top to get help.

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I have a long winded posting under LG service nightmare. I have to disagree with getting satifaction from going to the top. I sent a certified letter to the CEO of LG a month and a half ago and heard nothing back. I went to my local consumer protection and they did persue it but it didn't go to far. I also sent information to the New York State consumer protection 2 weeks ago and haven't heard back yet. The whole situation is fustrating and worst of all I don't have the time for all this nonsence. I do encourage to all to go as far to the top as possible, but don't expect anything real positive to come about with LG.

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I got bashed some months ago for suggesting this, but I say SUE 'EM! The cost of these units is covered under most states' small claims limits, and I think LG (or any company) would pay more attention if it got sued. You will likely prevail in a small claims action.

Those who have sought the protection of "consumer protection", was this through one of your local TV stations? Most have consumer reporters, and companies hate bad press. In past dealings, I've twice mentioned the name of the local consumer reporter and promptly received refunds. You can also try the BBB.

When your appliance malfunctions, you don't want to jump through all these hoops, which could take months -- you just want it fixed and for the manufacturer to honor its warranty obligations.

By the way, I've never heard of a lint filter in a washing machine. This is new to me. My Asko front loader does not have a lint filter, although it does have a "pin trap" that I check regularly for coins and whatnot. But no mention of a lint filter in the manual, so I assume I don't have one. What's the point of having one if it gets clogged?

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I just bought the steamwasher and dryer, because my wife wanted the steam.
My 4 week in-depth research clearly pointed out to Bosch nexxt products, or to the Samsung.
I will receive the washer and dryer saturday.
I am extremely irritated about the idea of mold and bad odors (bacteria) developing somewhere inside this machine.

Many have reported this problem on the internet, although they "alledgedly" keep the plastic seal/gasket and tub, clean.

Although i have not studied this machine closely enough yet,
I deal a lot in testing performance plastics as well as other parts, and molding plastics. In fact, this is my area of expertize.
If bad smells develop I will send LG washer parts to our laboratory for numerous testing.
It could be a compound problem, or a part badly tooled etc..

If i do find a problem i shall report it.

The other possibilty is that the consumers reporting this problem are lying about how they clean their machines.
We are supposed to perform a clean tub cycle "from time to time" with bleach. The manual does not give specifics it just says "from time to time".

If mold develops on the gasket it's a rubber compound. There's many grades of rubber...
If any of you live in florida and keep your vehicles outside, check the rubber gaskets on your windows...although they are black, there is mold on there. You just dont see it as much because the gaskets are black.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that "the devil makes pots and pans" But he doesn't make the covers for these!"
If my machine ends up smelling after a few weeks of use, I will find out what the cause is.
Bad odors have an origin.
We will take the entire machine to pieces if need be to determine what is causing this issue.

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Well, I've got an extended warranty on my LG 2277 which is covering replacing the drain pump (which is repair #6 on this machine). I never had problem with the mold smell but I do crack me door open.

I've had the misfortune of having to go round and round with LG and Sears regarding this machine. Parts are always a big issue.

I've finally had enough and just purchase an Affinity 6000. Once my LG gets fixed, it will be going in the for sale ads.

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open your washer door and you will find a rubber boot, pull the rubber boot slightly to the side and you will see anything including lint, small items can easily get down in there. "where" that leads to is the pump!! that is why in the user care guide it states use laundry bag for small items as with all front load washers...also note that this is a very frequent service call for all FL washers not just LG. You pay more for a washer and expect better performance, which you do get, but they also are alot more sensitive, the towels were not the problem you probably overloaded the machine to where the items were very close to the front of the unit, and along with the high rpms related to FL the items can rip, tear, and shed, especially the backing of a rug!!!

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