cree led lighting: cr6 vs cr4 vs lr6

jbodduNovember 23, 2012

We are in the early framing stage of a new construction and are trying to determine the lighting for the house. Live in CA - we do need to adhere to Title 24. So, edison type connectors are out.

Hate CFL and are leaning towards LED based lighting for the entire house ( or at least key areas such as Kitchen/FR, LR, DR).

Among the options available, it looks like Cree ( Ecosmart) LED are the best fit ( need dimmers, like warmer 2700K) and seems to be generally liked by GW members as well.

We are deciding between 4" (CR4) and 6" (CR6 and LR6) options (CR4=575 Lumen, CR6=800L and LR6=1000Lumen). There differences between CR and LR don't seem to be meaningful ( LR obviously has better efficiency and lifetime but I do think the price drop over next few years trumps these factors)

Couple of questions:

1. In Norcal ( South Bay ), any idea what a typical install cost for the light ?

2. A quick back of the envelope computation shows that CR6 is likely the most economical option among the three ? Am I on the right track ?

3. Any other factor to consider ?

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Lots of threads on this already.

My permits were pulled before the latest Title 24 became effective, so I may not be totally up to date. Wherever you can still install Edison sockets, by also installing dimmers, you should do that. Cost will be lower, and options down the line will be easier. Cannot do that for the kitchen. You may still be able to use Edison in the bath, if it is on a vacancy switch.

I wish that I had spent the extra money to put in CR4 instead of CR6 in my living room. They just look better, and I didn't have anywhere in the LR that needed 800 lumens.

I probably put too many CR6 lights in my LR/DR. I should have planned on supplementing with some nice reading lamps.

I can't remember what I paid for installation (San Jose), but my guy is quite reasonable for add-ons. He had quoted base on 6 cans in the LR/DR, I put 21 plus cove lighting.

The LR6 doesn't dim much, and is expensive.

Sconces. Plan some lovely sconces. I lost a few in my remodel, and regret that.

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Cost is at least $100 per can.

You might want to contact Mike of TriPhase electric.

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