Can I convert a hard-wired hanging light to a plug in the wall?

boxiebabeNovember 13, 2008

We are perplexed.

Hubby and I like to read the newspaper every morning in our Lazy Boys. The table lamps are awkward to use for this, and they don't put out enough light.

In the olden days, people used to have a lamp that hung from their ceiling. There was a couple of hooks on the ceiling - and the lamp itself was on a chain, and you plugged it into a regular electrical outlet.

I think this would be good for our purpose.

Can a person change out a hanging light that was intended to be hardwired - into one of the old fashioned plug it in the wall outlet type? I cannot seem to find one of the old fashioned types - but it would help if i knew what it was called!

But even if I did know what it's called - I am sure it would be old and 1970s looking so I would rather buy what I want and convert it if that is possible.

Is this doable? How would I go about doing something like this?

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The term you are looking for is, "Swag", as in swag lamp,
and they are still available.

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