Made in the USA?

fourambluesJanuary 10, 2013

I'm not really up for another round of China bashing, but someone mentioned in the "favorite 3" thread that she managed to incorporate a lot of USA made products in her kitchen reno. I think a lot of us tried/are trying to do that. So to further that effort, could you please list the USA made reno items you used, and whether or not you're happy with them? I'll start:

- Cambria quartz island top
- Paperstone perimeter tops
- Starmark cabinets
- Capital Precision range

I'm generally very satisfied with these products!

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Shiloh cabinets-very happy with them

(OT but yes part of my reno
Toastmaster waffle iron & toaster) I had to list these since I only had 1 US made kitchen product...

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Here are 3 for me(besides the Cambria listed above)
Waterstone Faucet
Hubbardton Forge lights
Baldwin Brass hardware

Loving all of the above

Brookhaven cabinets - still TBD as I had a problem with one of them and still working out the final resolution.

I think one interesting thing about my kitchen - almost everything came from smaller shops (some family run) and very little from "box" stores.

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Kitchen Aid mixers are made in USA, yay!
Also some made-to-measure rollout drawers, made in Arizona.
Hefele maple super Susans.

Aside from the Kitchen Aid which I love of course, the other two products aren't installed yet, so I can't comment on their function or durability. But I was psyched to find made-in-USA products!

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Imperial Danby Marble from Vermont
Amish Cabinets from Indiana
Wolf appliances

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Blum undermount slides
Scherr's cabinets
Bluestar range
Marvyn windows

Were my KA fridge and GE dishwasher made in the US?

Sadly, that may be it.....

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Lorenza5064 - where in IN on the cabs?

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KA Fridges made in US, don't know about the GE dishwasher.


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Wolf appliances
Subzero appliances
Pennville cabinets

I wanted everything to be USA made but it didn't work out that way...

angiediy: i think blum is from austria. my undermount drawer glides are by Grass, they are also austrian.

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BlueStar range, Prizer hood, KA dishwasher, Viking microwave and warming drawer, just couldn't bite the ($2k more) bullet on the Sub Zero, went with Liebherr...
but cabinets made by me in the good ol' USA

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- Schoolhouse Electric fixtures
- Chicago Faucets wall-mount faucet
- Horton Brass hinges
- Benjamin Moore paint (I think--this might be Canada, though!)
- Locally-made cabinetry
- I think the pencil tile that we used was American-made, though our subway tile was not
- Lots of reused vintage stuff!

We're happy with all of these things (and especially with the faucet; we had one issue with it a year in and had phenomenal customer service from Chicago Faucets, so would buy from them again in a heartbeat). Sadly we have a newish KitchenAid, so it's mostly made in China...if I'd known about the old ones, I would have hunted one down on eBay!

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The parent company of Blum is in Austria, but they have a plant in North Carolina where they make the Tandem, Blumotion, and Metabox lines.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blum slides made in USA

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Rangecraft hood
Wolf ovens
Capital Culinarian rangetop
KA fridge and WD
Sharp MW drawer
Local, custom cabs
Rejuvenation knobs
Blum glides
Local windows
Doors (well, one interior door was made only a few miles away in Canada I found out after the fact)

DW was recycled from old kitchen
Kwikset lied about being USA made, mainly Mexican
BM paint if it doesn't turn out to be Canadian

Very happy with my purchases.

Like A2, the huge majority of items came from small, local purveyors with the exception of my RH pulls. I still don't have bs or lighting so I may fall off my path with those items. While I would like to go USA on those items, I'm not sure it's probable given my aesthetic. My banquette will be locally made.

Side note to Mamadadapaige--what was the name of the book you wrote about during your reno about Chinese made items?

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Jet Mist granite a/k/a Virginia Mist granite

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Capital Culinarian range.
Custom built cabs.
Waterstone faucets.
KA fridge.
Modernaire hood insert.
American white oak hardwood flooring.

Blissfully happy with all of them!!


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Rachiele sinks.

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wolf oven
hubbardton forge lighting
local cab maker
andersen windows and doors
insinkerator GD
SW paint

totally satisfied with all purchases

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Alberene soapstone, only soapstone quarry currently operating in the US. Also used a local cabinet maker and he was great. Local mill for tongue in groove beaded backsplash. Art by some great etsy artists, all in US. Very happy with everything.

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Rejuvenation knobs and pulls (and some of their lower end fixtures) are from China, sad to say. (We have a lot of and love their hardware, but I was really bummed about that when it first arrived. We actually returned the wall sconces that came with a "made in China" sticker because I was irked that their website implies that all of their lighting is made domestically. I think our Rejuvenation pendants were made here, though.)

I forgot about our doors; screen door is from California and glass door is from who knows where, but rescued from local salvage yard so I'll count it. :) And we have Blumotion drawer slides, so sounds like those go on the list too!

I was somewhat disappointed that our Kohler sink was made in Mexico rather than the U.S., but since our rationale for wanting US-made was partly preservation of jobs/crafts and partly carbon footprint, that wasn't such a big deal given that we're in California.

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Rachiele Sink
Capital Culinarian Range
Indpendent/Prizer Hood
Cambria Quartz CT
Armstrong Premium Lustre Commercial Laminate Flooring
Sharp Microwave Drawer
Insinkerator Garbage Disposal
Vitamix 750 Blender
Custom Cabinets.

So far happy with everything.

Have not used blender yet,as I just got it.

KitchenAid Stand mixers are "designed and assembled" in the USA not "made" in the USA anymore.

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IKEA cabinets!!!! The doors are made in many locations, but the AKURUM boxes for the US are made in Danville VA. It makes economic sense for them to do this, because only the US uses non-metric boxes.
And if I had four times the budget, I'd STILL use IKEA cabinets.

Cambria counters
My Kindred sink was made in Canada.
My appliances and tap were European: Austria, Germany, Italy. At least I knew the workers had decent labour conditions and benefits, which was important to us.
Anderson window.

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Wow, deeagaux, when I made my list, I had briefly considered whether my Sharp MW drawer had been made in the US. I figured it probably had not been.

I now see that Sharp makes some MWs in Memphis, TN. Do you know if the drawer is one of them, i.e., how do you know the MW drawer is made here?

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Angie, I stand corrected!
Breezy, poorly made in china

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Do you know if the drawer is one of them, i.e., how do you know the MW drawer is made here?

1) I read it on

2) When I open my MW drawer I can see the information tag. It says right there "Made in the USA".

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Thanks, MDP! I'll add the book to my list.

And I'll add my Sharp MW drawer to my list also! Like Angie, I considered and dismissed it from my list.

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This is FUN! I had to think about it:

- Kitchenaid Fridge
- Waste King Disposal (bought before the company moved manufacturing to China)
- cabinets by a local Chicago company called Builders Cabinet Supply
- All-Clad cookware
- Marvin window
- Custom sink made in Texas by Handcrafted Metal Inc. (awesome company!)
- Ventahood Hood
- Dexter-Russell knife (great knife, I'd buy more if I needed any more knives)
- Juno Lighting (company is headquartered in Illinois at least)
- A.O. Smith water heater
- Miscellaneous cookware and serveware from Fiestaware, Regalware, and Bennington Potters
- glass bowls by Anchor Hocking, and
- Pyrex of course

Here is a link that might be useful: Sur La Table's Made in USA Products

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wow you guys are physic, I was stressing over main and prep sinks this morning and saw Rachiele for the first time in a post and told DH that might be the one, it's copper and made in USA! Then I see this post. Love it and for the things I'm still obsessing over I'm keeping this handy. Here are mine so far....

Wolf and SubZ
local cabinet maker
Insinkerator (had no idea but so happy!)

Rachiele copper apron front sink
Waterstone faucets

still have lots of decisions to make so there might be more.

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Terri - if you are considering a custom sink, please also look at Handcrafted Metal, Inc., which I've mentioned in my post just before yours. They will do anything you want for your sink, with drainboards, hammered fronts (if you choose an apron style), the drain placed whereever you want, whatever size you need, you name it. If you decide on stainless, Handcrafted Metal uses 14 gauge stainless. Rachiele uses 16 gauge which is slightly thinner. I think Handcrafted Metal is a bit less costly than Rachiele.

Since you said you are interested in a copper sink, make sure to check out the copper and hammered copper on the link below.

(I am not affiliated with Handcrafted Metal in any way; I was so impressed by the sink they made for me, and how great they were to work with. Since Rachiele is mentioned on this forum, Handcrafted Metal should be too)

Handcrafted Metal, Inc.

Gorgeous hoods if you're interested

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Thank you akchicago for the links. I had them on my list to check out this evening. How long have you been using your sink? Is it holding up as you expected? Do you have any pictures posted? I searched and didn't find any, but I'm not usually really successful with searching lol.

And now tonight I'm second guessing myself, should I do Silgranite instead???? why do I make this harder than it should be :)

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Schist counters quarried and fabricated in W Mass
Crown Point cabinets made in NH
maple floors original to our old farmhouse
5 pendants made in W Mass
Marvin windows
Viking Range
Vent a hood
Lamsonsharp knives made in W Mass
All Clad cookware

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I apologize for taking this thread OT, so I will just answer Terri's questions, and then we can get back on topic.

Terri - I have had the sink for 6 years, and it has held up beautifully. Of course, it has the "patina" of stainless steel scratches, but that is the nature of stainless steel. The 14 gauge stainless makes the sink feel solid, and it is very quiet. I also really love that I have the drain offset in the corner in the exact location I specified. Once you have an offset drain, you never want a center drain again. Regarding Silgranit, I have posted before that I would have liked a Silgranit sink, cause I find stainless steel's water spots and dull film annoying. That is the nature of stainless, and has nothing to do with whether the sink is custom-made or not. However, I needed a custom size sink, and could not get that in Silgranit. You mentioned you want an apron-front sink (love them!), but there are no apron-front Silgranit sinks. Also, I worked with Handcrafted Metal, Inc. in Texas all long distance by phone and email, and they were great.

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I don't know what book mamadadpaige referenced, but The Year Without Made in China by Sandra Bongioni is anecdotal, but interesting. For example, an American lampmaker in the book said that lamp harps are simply not made in America anymore. The screws in my new wall are made in Mexico --it goes on and on. You can buy American if you make an effort. But it is an effort (one well worth it imo)

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We are very happy with the USA products we've incorporated:
- first and foremost- our Bluestar cooktop. Love.
- cabinetry (local cabinetmaker)
- backsplash (Crossville porcelain tile)

And kudos to our neighbors to the north for our Kalia faucet, made in Canada.

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I'm not in kitchen remodel mode yet, only research, drooling, and living vicariously; however, Barker Cabinets are made in the USA using Blum hinges and slides, also made in the USA.

This website that I saved from someone else's post lists faucets that are really made in the USA versus those just assembled here. It gives the country of origin for a number of faucets with quality ratings - very helpful info.

Here is a link that might be useful: faucets made in the US

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Hey, thanks, everyone! Hopefully this'll make shopping a little easier for some folks in future. And I learned from you all that I've got a lot more US made products than I'd realized -- bonus!

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Just Manufacturing

Sinks and Faucets

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