dimmer for twist and lock coil lamp?

kate7047November 28, 2009

I had 2 sconces installed in the dining room. The selection of the sconces was by someone else. The fixtures look nice, but it turns out they use "twist and lock" CF bulbs. I wanted to use a dimmer since they are in a dining room and they are too bright for dining but OK for other uses, but I now find out they cannot use a dimmer. Is there a work-around for this or am I going to have to replace them? I can't stand the bright light for dining and I really hate to throw out 2 brand new sconces over this but the light is awful.

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Do you know if the ballast is in the fixture or if the bulbs are self ballasted? I'm not totally familiar with fluorescent since I never use them. But it sounds like you have a GU24 base bulb. If the bulb is ballasted, then you can just put in a bulb that's a lower wattage.
Alternatively, you can change the socket in the fixture to a standard A socket. You should be able to take the lamp to any place which does repairs and ask them to change it.

Good luck.

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First confirm that you do have a fixture which takes GU-24 bulbs, then Google for dimable GU-24. I think they do exist. If they don't exist at the moment, you can be sure they will be available soon. The GU-24 base is destined to become a major standard.

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