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sscottshivDecember 9, 2011

I purchased a SQ TL washer AWN432 and dryer ADE3LR a couple months ago. The washer replaced a 15 year old working Maytag TL. I don't remember the model number. I did not have a dryer which prompted both purchases. The washateria where I used to dry my clothes had a fire and they were going to be out of business for 6 months, so I finally decided to go ahead and get a dryer. I was worried that any dryer I purchased would have problems drying clothes from my old washer so I replaced it, too.

I live in an older home and there was no dryer connection. I wanted a gas dryer but the connection for that was going to be really expensive while the electric dryer connection was just expensive.

I purchased the SQ TL because I wanted something similar to my Maytag and I think that is exactly what I got. Like some males I am aware that I have a different perspective about washing clothes than many of the females on this forum. The whole time I had my Maytag I don't remember using anything but regular wash with hot water. Then I would take the clothes to the washateria put the temp on high and let her rip. I never had to wash the washer, carefully stack the clothes in the washer, no hour long wash cycles, and it had plenty of water. The dryer at the washateria would dry my clothes in 35 minutes or less and I was done. The SQ takes about the same time as the Maytag but it does hold more. I think the spin cycle is faster but I can't tell that the clothes are any dryer.

I use the 'less try' cycle on the dryer and it seems to work pretty well. I do think it takes a few minutes longer than the dryers at the washateria but since I'm not paying by the minute and I'm free to do other things, I don't notice it much. It is a real joy not to have to carry all of those wet clothes down the stairs to the car and drive some place to dry them.

Both machines seem solidly built and perform to my expectations. I picked the AWN432 because it is the first model with an extra rinse cycle. The model above it doesn't have any features that I want. I picked ADE3LR because the only difference between it and the model above it was the lack of an extended tumble dry cycle and that did not interest me. If SQ performs as well and last as long as my Maytag, I will be very happy and they cost half as much as Miele.

Put in the plus camp for SQ.

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I was worried that any dryer I purchased would have problems drying clothes from my old washer so I replaced it, too.Any dryer can mate with any washer, long as the dryer capacity is compatible for size of the loads involved. Dryers are simple mechanisms ... heat source + rotating cylinder + airflow = dry clothes. I've run clothes washed in a 5-years-old washer through a 35-years-old dryer, and vice versa. No problem either way.

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Speed queen TL's are built like tanks, I like the fact that they have both inner and outer stainless steel tubs. I am sure you will get many years out of your machines.

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I like:

  1. The fact that you get a 3 years parts + warranty. Not a one year warranty.

  2. The fact that everything internally is steel, not plastic (including the metal
    baffles). No chance of mold growing here.

  3. The fact that it is a good 50 - 100 lbs more than other washers. It should
    last long enough to hand down to your kids. It's the "new old Maytag".

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