Need paint recommendations for dressers

weedyacresJanuary 24, 2014

I've got a room which will have 3 dressers, all very hodge-podge in styles.

First one is a pricey Ethan Allen chest. Not changing a thing about it.

Second one is an Ikea dresser that I've had for a while but it's in great shape, as it hasn't been heavily used. I'm up for painting, staining, changing hardware, etc.

Third one is a just-purchased, rather old chest that badly needs a paint job. Anything goes here too.

I know they'll never be matchy-matchy, but I'm looking for some suggestions on something that will make them work well in a small room together. If paint is the answer, then what color?

TIA for any help you can offer. I'm tired of clothes in boxes and need to get things organized.

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Why not go with a dark brown similar to the tone of your Ethan Allan piece? It would keep it all in the same tone.

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Can you share a photo of the room? It would help to see what other color and elements are in the room.

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I'd go with a paint color that doesn't try to match the dark EA but complements whatever colors you have in the room.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea dresser hacks

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Personally, I think dark brown paint looks weird on wood furniture -- like it's trying to look like wood, but isn't. That may just be a weird pet peeve on my part ;-)

It's really hard to make suggestions w/o having a feel for the room, but if you want them to coordinate, then I'd re-paint the Ikea and CL dressers the same color w/o worry about the EA dresser (think of that one as a "neutral"). So, depending on the colors in the room, just paint the other two something to coordinate, but paint them the same color.

I'm pretty much agreeing w/nosoccermom I guess -- she always has great ideas!!!

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Yes -- the answer really depends on the room.

1)Paint the two cabinets to match the wall color. Adding matching (to each other) painted wood-or-metal hardware to the two re-painted cabinets.

2)Paint the cabinets in same color as the trim in the room -- white? Hardware changed-but-matched as mentioned above.

3)Paint the cabinets in satin black to match the visual "weight" and darker undertone of the Ethan Allen cabinet. Add matching (to each other) dark metal hardware.

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The room will basically be a closet + office (we're in a tiny place with 2 11'x11' bedrooms). So it'll have these 3 pieces plus a desk (right now a black folding table; may change later).

Room and trim color will stay the same for now, and are as shown in the photos (tan walls, white trim). I am open to changing the wall color, as it's what came with the house, just haven't gotten that far in the decorating plan (still remodeling the kitchen). You can see the golden pine hardwood floors peeking out from among the clutter.

It's a 1920's worker's cottage, so traditional style, can't be too modern.

I'm thinking no brown paint, as I agree that looks like I tried to fake wood. White comes to mind, and it's "safe." But is it too bland, or too stark a contrast with the EA piece? I think black would be too modern for the house.

I do like some of the 2-toned paint jobs in nosoccermom's link. And the trim they added. I could do that on both the non-EAs to make them match. Thoughts on the fabric-panel-on-the-drawers idea? It looks simple enough to execute, but does that make it too hard to change down the road?

I'm off to sand the tall chest and prime it right this evening. Keep the ideas (or opinions) coming on the shade or shades to paint.

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I like this:

Also like the two-tone ones, but I'm not sure if the fabric panels can be easily removed later.
Supposedly, liquid starch works well and let's one remove the fabric later.

Here is a link that might be useful: dresser revamp with fabric and liquid starch

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I would paint them a nice creamy white. Some of the hack ideas have a brown stained trim as well. Lots of great ideas! I think the hardware definitely makes a huge difference in the appearance as well.

Look forward to seeing what you decide.

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With a room that small, I think I agree with teacats #1 - paint them the color of the walls.

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I agree, paint them the wall color to deemphasize them.

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Elraes Miller

I'd paint them the color of the wall too. Would create more of a built in look. Your other piece is beautiful and needs to stand alone.

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I love white painted pieces with medium to dark stained top so I would paint both chests white and stain the top of the IKEA to match the Ethan Allen piece. If the "crappy" painted one is decent wood under all that paint, you might even strip and stain the top also. If not, just paint it out entirely.

I wouldn't try to do anything too trendy with them since the Ethan Allen piece is so classic.

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I ended up going with a warm, creamy white (SW Medici Ivory) for the "crappy" one. It's just non-descript pine, so not worth stripping and sanding. I need to get hardware still (thought I had some birdcage knobs sitting around somewhere, but couldn't find them). I'll post a photo once I've got hardware.

Should I look for satin nickel to match the EA hardware or more of a bronze or copper, which seems to coordinate with the paint color better?

Painting the Ikea dresser is down the road a bit. It'll be the same creamy paint, since that SW Classic 99 is pricey stuff and I've got the rest of the gallon to find a use for.

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Considering these knobs:

Perhaps the color of the knobs ties in with the stain color of the EA piece?

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