Help with utility room layout

kassikoloDecember 15, 2012

We have a small utility room (6' x 9')and i am trying to find the best way to utilize it.
-Should i stack the washer and dryer on top of each other?
-Where is the best place for dirty clothes hampers?

Thank you

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Hi is the sink free staning or in a cabinet. If it were free standing and there were enough room under if for a bamboo type hamper with a cotton lining I would do that. Like maybe two box type hampers. If the sink is in a cabinet then I would stack the washer and dryer, create a free standing table in between the sink and the washer and dryer on the far wall. That way you have storage for the dirty clothes underneath, yet a clean work surface to say, iron, fold, or pre treat the dirty clothes!


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I'm bad at drawings but here's how I would do it. The shelves on the left side attached underneath the counter top are for holding tide bottles, powder, fabric softener, irons or whatever else you may have!

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*pocket door
*counter top with storage beneath on 5'8" wall
*hanging rod above counter with wall cabinet(s)
*deep laundry/utility sink inset into counter
*if you plan on ironing in the space, make sure there is a conveniently located electrical outlet.

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I like the idea with the counter! Alternatively, you might also consider a self-made pedestal (or have someone make it) to store laundry baskets. Like in the example video.

Here is a link that might be useful: Example

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Also where the hampers are I'd attach some sort of fabric facing to hide the hampers. Maybe like Velcro along the top of the fabric so you can just "tear" fabric panels off or out of the way to get to he hampers. Maybe a fabric that matches the colors of the room?

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Fastonetime-Those are great ideas, i think i will go for it,thank you

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Well thank you Kassi. Take photos when you get done. I'd love to see!

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Kassi-I'm having issues with my design program, so I can't do a custom layout for you, but I did one for another GW member a while back that would give you some ideas on maximizing the space you have. The main part of the utility/laundry room dimensions were similar to yours @ 7x10. Yours would be an 'L' shape using the back wall and the left wall in the layouts/pics in the linked thread.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Similar Utility/Laundry Room Layout

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