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First, this is my first post to any site so please excuse any breach of etiquette.
We have a stackable LG washer (WM2496HWM) and gas dryer (DLG9588WM) with the controls on the bottom. The dryer is working fine but we�ve had some issues with the washer. A few years ago, we faced a large repair bill for the washer and decided to replace it but none of the big discounters would disconnect and reconnect the gas dryer at any price so we kept the washer.

The washer is having issues again and we would like to replace it before it totally fails. We were even willing to replace the perfectly good dryer for stacking compatibility however, nobody makes a dryer with controls at the bottom anymore. My wife is just over five feet and doesn�t want to stand on a stool every time she uses the dryer.

I know nothing about how stacking works but it doesn�t seem that complicated. Can a washer from another manufacturer be stacked under our dryer? We went to a dedicated appliance store and were told that LG no longer makes mid-level washers. Their cheapest washer would be $911 with the dryer disconnect/reconnect included.

Anyone have any ideas.


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When I bought a set as a present, like you, stacking was out of the picture unless I was also going to buy the intended a step stool. I did not see any dryers with controls on the bottom. So stacking was not an option for them.

You might have a stand built for your current dryer. Make sure that it is built so that you can slide whatever washer you are contemplating underneath. The only other thing I can think of is have a metal working place build you a custom bracket or stand. We have had a local boat place build custom stuff for the boat, but you have to be specific in what you want. Good luck, just a thought.

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