Photocell or digital timer for outdoor garage lights

whaas_5aNovember 8, 2012


I'd like to get a photocell or timer for my garage lights.

I'm not sure what to go with but from what I've found there is a screw in photocell that has a 2, 5 and 8 hour timer. Sounds great but there could be issues with the sensitivity of the unit working properly.

I then found a digital timer I could hardwire at the switch location inside the garage.

My question is whether you believe the timer or photocell will leak more electricity and furthermore does either have any type of risk as far as overheating, life of the wiring, etc?


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Assuming in FRONT of the garage if it is phototimed?

I replaced my back deck light with the phototimer and love it, it automatically comes on in the evening for 6 hours and there is a manual override if we wanted it longer. The nice thing about a photocell is that it automatically adjusts for the changing time of sunset which a regular timer would not do.

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