Cree LR6 housings and foam insulation??

seattlepaulNovember 22, 2009

I'm looking closely at the Cree LR6 as a perfect solution for lighting in a basement wine cellar because of the low heat that it puts off. Because this is a cellar though, the ceiling (which is also the floor above) needs to be super-insulated, which means spray-in foam insulation.

I know you usually shouldn't spray foam around high wattage housings, even IC because many of them are designed to be slightly "lossy" and let heat escape out the back, but what about in this case? I know there's a heat sink in the module that takes heat away from the LED chips, so there must be some heat in there, but it sounds like it's only a couple watts.

Does anybody have experience using LR6s either in existing cans (who's?) or in Cree's can when they are closely covered in insulation?

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The LED bulbs do put off heat. Not the light emitting chip itself, but the driver. That is why the LED bulbs usually look like heatsinks. If the bulb gets to hot it burns out which is expensive with LED.
So in short. Yes they put off less heat. Yes it will work. You very likely will not get the expected bulb life from the LED bulb if the spray foam is applied directly to the can housing.

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