round versus oval/rectangular dining chandelier?

michoumonsterNovember 23, 2012

Hi all,

i have a rectangular dining room, about 13x17. Most likely i will be getting a rectangular dining table. However, I have to get the lighting installed in our build first (before we can shop for furniture). We plan on buying furniture slowly after we move in and save up more money. Should I get a rectangular or oval chandelier now, or would round be ok? It seems there are more choices for round chandeliers, though i think rectangular dining tables are more prevalent. Would love to hear your thoughts and advice!

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I think a round chandelier would be great for dining rooms like this picture below. I had this one from Lighting by Lux when I was designing also my dining room. What do you think? They are cylinder-like chandelier.

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I'm not sure what type of look you're going for, but either shape would probably work. It also depends on how long your table will be. If you have a round chandelier, you'd want to make sure you have enough light at either end of the table without causing glare in the center.

I have the same fixture as daisyyoung posted (Kichler Hendrix) in a different finish. It's the 6-light rather than the 5-light so it's oval and I like how it looks with my 7' foot rectangular table that can expand to 9'. It offers plenty of light for the whole table.

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daisyyoung and rainwood, thanks for the suggestion. that is a very nice and versatile fixture that would go well with a lot of styles.
rainwood, good point on making sure to have enough light for the whole table.

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Rainwood is right. It is important to also take consider how large the room will be and the table. I had this 5-light fixture for my small dining room and table. Since there are just two of us I picked this one and it illuminates the whole room just right.

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