Problem with outside flood lights. Need insight!

theprez9November 14, 2009


We've been having some issues with our outdoor flood lights. It is 1 unit that has 2 bulbs and is a motion security light etc. It was installed about 2 years ago and have had no issues until last day.

The setting on the light is for it to use the motion sensor from "dusk to dawn". So I got out the ladder and went up there today (with the intentions of replacing the bulbs) but the sensor has a "test" option and both lights came on... so there went that idea of new bulbs.

I waited till tonight to see if the issue happened again and it did. So I am not sure what to do next??

We're on the east coast and have had about a week of rain, so I am not sure if that means anything (but obviously it's been in the rain over the past years)but just not sure. Also the test option has me confused because the lights did come on.

The sensor box does have a little red light that will blink and it is still doing that... just not getting the lights to come on.

Appreciate any thoughts out there :)

Thanks again!

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The test options is for the lamps only, and NOT the photocell...

Climb back up and test the photocell by completely covering it with your palm or something that will block the light.

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