dim4fun I have some lutron questions

spencer_electricianNovember 14, 2011

I often install Lutron radiora2 in homes that utilize the timed event functions and scenes. I am now in the middle of a kitchen remodel at my own house and don't want to spend as much in my own house hah. I am looking to dim 6 different switch legs and have controls in 2 locations. I wouldn't mind buying 6 of the $120 dimmers but the main processor and $200 keypads is a little too much.

How about a Grafik eye 6 zone with one extra scene keypad? Is this a good option for a single room system? If I were to buy one off of someone's overstock on ebay, would my Lutron dealer friend be able to order an almond color change kit for it? Thanks!

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Hi Spencer,

The Grafik Eye is great for single room control adding a Grafik Eye keypad for three way. It's possible to replace broken or missing covers for older Grafik Eyes so changing color should not be a problem. Programming the Grafik Eye you have the four scene buttons plus the master off so think through the scenes to make sure you'll be happy.

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Does Lutron have a keypad that can be engraved for the grx-3106 or is it only compatible with the nova style keypad with no labels? Thanks for the help.

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You can engrave both the Nova T and the SeeTouch.


I prefer the SeeTouch.

Here is a link that might be useful: compatible model numbers

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Are the scenes on a keypad beyond #4 usable?


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There are dip switches on keypads which sets them to use higher scenes that can be stored in Grafik Eye 3000 series which can have up to 16 scenes. You could have multiple keypads with the first activating scenes 1-4 and the second 5-8, the third 9-12, etc. So you could put two keypads together and have 8 scenes for example.

What gets messy with Grafik Eye programming is when anyone tries to use a single unit for more than one area or when you want a keypad to talk to different Grafik Eyes separately. (there is a keypad model which you can teach different buttons to speak to different grafik eyes) In those instances it's better to use Radio Ra2 keypads and a main repeater which then allows you to program individual zones on any grafik eye.

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Ra2 with Grafik Eye QS.

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