Very Unique and Cool Light Fixture

onlygirlsmomNovember 19, 2009

A friend of mine is totally renovating his house. He came up w/ this neat idea for light fixtures. Very cool!!

sorry, I don't know how to directly imbed a video :(

Here is a link that might be useful: light part 1

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finished product

Here is a link that might be useful: light part 2

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Completely UNSAFE and does not meet UL guidelines or the NEC code!

I hope no electrician or non-certified personnel is ever called to service the fixture or even the light switch which controls the fixture. If they get electrocuted, say goodbye to the home and most likely jail time!

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Interesting look, but I have to agree, that is pretty scary. Hot bulbs in a plastic tube not intended for more than holding toilet paper as a shade is bad. Ungrounded metal lamp parts are worse. Don't even show me the wiring mess up there that isn't in a box.

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Besides all the others comments,I sincerely hope that they used high temperature wire, with a relief strain mechanism which will prevent the toilet paper holder from falling when the wire and socket separate from the heat build-up.
I agree it's a beautiful looking fixture, with a great creative idea, but sometimes creativity comes with an unnecessary risk

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Might be an option with low-voltage cool led lights.

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