Electrolux Washer Door Rattle

irkemaroDecember 2, 2011

We just had a new Electrolux IQ Washer installed. The store reversed the door for us before delivery. We just finished running a normal cycle (with no changes to the factory presets). Do any of you have a rattle during the spin cycle at the door latch? We found that if we pressed with slight pressure at that point, the rattle disappeared. Is there any adjustment that can be made? Thanks for your help.

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Hi there, i am looking into buying the wave touch. How is the spin cycle, does the washer vibrate alot? Maybe call service out and see if the door can be tighter against the seal.

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Fastonetime, We've only washed 3 loads since Friday. There is definitely vibration as the spin speed changes, but once it is at speed, there is very little vibration (especially compared to our old washer). I hope this is normal!

I'm still hoping that current Electrolux owners will weigh in on whether or not they can hear a rattle at the door during their spin cycles.

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I don't own an Electrolux (but it's my #1 choice when I need to replace my current TL).

No, the door should not rattle. Sounds like something wasn't done correctly when they reversed the door. It seems like the door isn't being pulled in tight enough and there is some play and therefore rattles on spin.
Call the store and ask to speak the manager and explain your issue. It should be pretty easy to make a tightening.

Let us know how you make out.

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I had the Wave Touch...and there was ZERO rattle, even on Max Spin. I did not like the washer or dryer, but I will give credit, where credit is due. You could have put several crystal glasses on top of the washer during spin...it was SO quiet and balanced!!!

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Thanks everyone for your feedback. I've put in a call to the store. I hope it will be an easy fix.

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I've got the Wave-Touch. The door does not rattle and it is VERY solid when spinning and my laundry room is on the main floor. I use the max spin speed on several loads per week and the machine has never changed it's clearance distance from the cabinet on the left and dryer on the right.

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Any update on door rattle? I discovered the door rattle on high speed rinse as well.

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Jmith, When we called the repair people, they came and said that the rattle was within the realm of normal. I have to admit that we don't notice it anymore.

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@shell1776: I had a feeling as i took apart the latch assembly and it looks like they have purposely made the latch to have a good amount of play 1/4" or so... i will "modify" the latch and report back re: rattle.

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So i spent most of the evening doing laundry and i think i have solved the door rattle problem.

The felt tape i have is a bit too wide and it doesnt stick very well to itself so i ended up using electricians tape and just put 3 layers on the inside of the latch (the gap and towards the door side) Don't wrap it around just on the inside. Cut a piece about 1/8" or smaller to wrap.

Seems to have solved the door rattle problem, door is a bit firm to open. If you decide to do this you will have to play with the amount of layers for the electricians tape, i am assuming different machines have different amount of play... i also have the door reversed as i have the dryer on the left and washer on the right.

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Hi there, i have a 70's series and my door doesnt rattle at all!

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it usually rattles only on the final max spin which is super fast!

are your doors open on the default side or you switched them?

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Hi there. My dooor is default, I never switched it. I just put my washer on a pedestal and did a few loads and the door rattled during the jeans cycle. It never rattled off the pedestal. Doesn't bother me as the washer is in the garage!

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