Recessed Lights/Shadows in Kitchen

ella_socalNovember 18, 2009

Background: I had 6" recessed cans with IC bulbs (65W) in my last kitchen with a 9' ceiling. Thought they provided great light. In my current kitchen, which has a 10' ceiling, I replaced the fluorescent lights with 6" recessed halogens (PAR 38 bulbs). I love how bright and warm they are, but they tend to cast some shadows on my cabinets, which I never noticed in my old kitchen. So, my question is: what is causing the shadows?

Ceiling height -- is there a recommended size of can or type of bulb for 10' ceilings or will recessed lights in a 10' ceiling cast more shadows than a 9' ceiling?

Halogen v. IC bulbs?

Placement of lights in the ceiling as related to the cabinets?

Any help would be appreciated as we're considering buying a new house next year with 10' ceilings in the kitchen. Thanks.

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The Halogen bulbs are probably casting a wider circle of light than the R30 (IC) bulbs did. In designs that I do in kitchens, I purposly place recessed cans so the light will catch the cabinet fronts. It helps illuminate the cabinets which lightens up the space and also put more light on the counters. The halogen bulbs are much brighter than the IC bulbs were so you will notice the shadows more. What do you object to? Is it just the light falling on the cabinet fronts? You may be able to use a bulb with a more narrow beam pattern. First you need to know what the beam pattern is with what you are using. Look for a measureent in degrees or the packaging may just say Flood, narrow flood, spot. Start with that information and let me know what you are using and what the objection is. And yes, the placement has everything to do with the lighting.

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