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sharon620December 24, 2011

hello and happy holidays!

I know this message has probably been posted before but I couldn't seem to find it.

I have a variety of stain remover's in which some of them don't work on anything.

Grease stains... I have tried the lestoil

( spelling? ) spray and wash stick and spray, wisk stain stick, etc

Another stain that is hard for me to get out is ink. I have been trying oxi clean stain remover. This stick called stain remover ( on the grease too )

I have no idea what I am doing.

Please help!

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Clorox 2 will work on both grease and ink stains.
Borax also can remove grease stains with the use of your detergent using the warmest water temp for your garments.

What type of washer are you using?
Front loader or top loader?

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I use Dawn dishwashing detergent on my grease stains. It even works on stains that were missed on the first run & ended up getting washed & dried, so you can use it right now on previously washed & dried grease stained clothes. Hot water is best, but warm will generally work too. Hairspray helps with ink on satin, but I have had no luck with it on cotton. I have 2 pair of pants right now that have ink stains on them. I think I'll try cleanteamofny's suggestion on the Clorox 2.

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Purell or other hand sanitizer works great on ink. Put on, massage in, wash warm...not hot. Repeat before drying if necessary.

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good tip on the purell. thanks!

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Anyone remember the good ole' days of Carbona stain remover? It was carbon tet in a bottle. It would remove anything!

We use Dawn on most stains except for ink, then we use alcohol to remove it.

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I remember using carbon tet. I once tried to clean one of my records with it! I used a gauze pad, which promptly STUCK to the melting record! LOL! I never did THAT again!

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Good tip on the Purell & alcohol for the ink--I'll give it a whirl.

I still have some Carbona--we are talking about the stain remover in the little yellow bottles that were numbered and formulated specifically for whatever the stain was (i.e. grease, grass, ketchup) right? Is it no longer available, or is that the new version & the old stuff was the good stuff?

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Carbona - in the little yellow bottles - are still around. Sometimes I see it at JoAnn's (fabric & craft stores) where they sell irons. I've seen it in grocery stores but in very odd locations inside those stores --- not always in the laundry aisle.

If a stain has been "set", especially by heat (dryer, ironing), it won't come out no matter what you use. Some inks are permanent and even a dry cleaners cannot get them out 100%. It is always worth trying to DIY, especially grease and such. If I'm feeling queasy over an unknown-source ink stain, I take it to the cleaners.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carbona web site & retailer locations

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