iVillage and Facebook on Garden Web

larsi_gwDecember 22, 2010

Does anyone know what is going on with this Facebook/ivillage website? I have tried since yesterday to post another reply to my post about Vaska Herbatergent being pretty good, and each time I try and type, a new window pops up being Facebook/iVillage. I can close the window, but the minute I try and post...it comes back right away. So frustrating.

Anyone else experiencing this with one of your posts?



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HI Larsi,

Last night I tried to follow your vaska link to FB and got the same. Its not just you.

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IT happend to me this am when I did my first post of the day. I had to change my pop up blocker to stop face book from coming up

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I had the problem this morning too. Seems ok now.

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