Lutron switched for LED lights

lalitharNovember 5, 2012

We are doing a major remodel and just completely rewired the house. We have LED cans in many places, GU24 surface mounts, and some LED monorails and other low voltage fittings. Which Lutron dimmer switch will work the best? Lutron seems to have C-L type dimmers in their Diva series and Maestro series. What is the difference.. Just the looks?


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I think you need to check each light to see what the manufacturer recommends. I recall it being very confusing, but some of my LED lights needed an electronic dimmer and some needed a magnetic dimmer. Also, there were some manufacturers that worked better with some lights than others, and the manufacturer should be able to provide a list of compatible ones. Then you can select your "style" and hopefully they will come in all of the types you will need.

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By all means check the Lutron website for compatibility. Good luck, and please share your experience. I have yet to get my LED sconces ( dimable
) to dim even after trying four different Lutron LED compatible dimmers.

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Gabor, what make/model of LED do you have in your sconces?

Lalitha, what LED models are you using?

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