Rule of cans in aisle or closer to perimeter?

lcskaisgirNovember 3, 2013

What is the general rule of thumb on placement of recessed lights in kitchens regarding their distance from upper cabinets? Do they go centered in between island and perimeter cabinets (there will be pendants over island and under cabinet lights) or closer to perimeter cabinets?

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I normally go around the kitchen. Using a DMF or Cree 4 inch LED, you would want to go perimeter. Depending on where everything is, I would normally keep the lights around 10-16 inches away from the cabinets if it's possible. A lot of things will vary though. A blue print would be a big help in giving out the proper lighting arrangement.


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Thank you for responding!! Here is a blue print. The space in the aisles is approx 42".

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