in CA, need help with green lighting in bath!

michoumonsterNovember 13, 2011

Hi all,

I am in CA and doing a new construction. I would love some advice on what I can or cannot do for lighting in the bathrooms. Do they have to be title 24 compliant and high efficiency? I understand the kitchens have more strict requirements than other rooms of the house. I would love to be high efficiency, it is just that there are very limited choices for high efficiency AND attractive bath lighting right now, plus the high efficiency stuff is super expensive!! Can I just buy halogen or incandescent lights and put them on dimmers? is there a wattage limit, etc?

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For baths you must have either a vacancy sensor OR high efficiency lighting.

A simple wall vacancy sensor will work for one zone of lighting. If you have multiple zones of lighting Lutron has a nice solution with their Maestro wireless dimmers/switches and vacancy sensor.

Here is a link that might be useful: vacancy sensor with multiple dimmers

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Or these.
Leviton Occupancy Sensor Wall Switch, PR180

Here is a link that might be useful: Occupancy Sensor Switches

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thanks very much for the info dim4fun and brickeyee! those occupancy sensors are very affordable too!

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Make sure you purchase the vacancy sensor type and not an occupancy sensor which won't meet the code.

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Are you allowed/able to do a solar light tube? Can't get any more efficient/green than that.

Karin L

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Hmm. When we reconstructed our house three years ago, the basic rule for bath and laundry rooms was that the first switch when you walk in the door had to be high efficiency. The remaining lights could be incandescent, but had to be on the motion sensor. So it wasn't strictly one OR the other.

We used Panasonic fan/light combos for the first switch, then bought what we liked for the rest. The Panasonics have a pair of FDS18E35/4 18 watt CFL bulbs in them. (Plus a small incandescent night light on a separate switch.)

As far as solar light tubes go, we were told that installing a light kit in one didn't count as a high efficiency light - because you could screw an incandescent bulb into it. I guess if the light kit had a GU-24 socket, it would have counted.

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The code you built under was from 2005. New rules for projects that went into plan check starting January 2010.

Here is a link that might be useful: new rules

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