dramatic reduction on electrical bill from leds

BiggerDigglerNovember 30, 2013

Here's a phenomenal story about the virtues of high technology!

I just replaced all of the lighting in the house with either LED bulbs and/or three purpose-built LED ceiling fixtures. I also replaced two halogen floodlights on a motion detector with LED floodlights. Below is the average daily usage for this year and last year, for the same period of time copied straight from my power bill:

Average Daily Usage Current Last Year
Electric (kWh) 70 74
Average Daily Temp (* F) 38 42

You might think, "4 kWh less electricity per day isn't anything to write home about." And you would be correct if that was the whole story..........

However, last year the control panel on our outdoor hot tub frizzed out and the old cover was waterlogged and torn so we didn't even have the hot tub turned on during the same period of time, and had drained it out completely to prevent freeze damage in September 2012! When the jets are running or the heater is heating this hot tub draws 220 volts, like a clothes dryer. We keep the water temperature at 104 degrees.

This year, the hot tub is up and running again after I replaced the circuit board and had a new custom built high density-foam cover made.

Essentially, the change in lighting from all Incandescent to LED allows us to run an electrically-heated hot tub in the dead of winter for free, which is quite a bit more electricity that you could ever dream of generating using solar collectors.

Notice also the temperature averaged four degrees colder THIS year over last year, and this house is electrically heated and electrically water heated.

Disclosure: I also replaced the thermostat with one of those high-tech Next thermostats ($300 from Amazon). Also the hot tub cover is made of high-tech high-density super-insulating foam and fits much tighter than the old one, even when the old one was in good shape.

For once, a government mandate, this for improved lighting energy efficiency, is a good thing.

Your mileage may vary.

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Impressive! Putting leds on my remodeling list. The initial cost is expensive though, right?

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I do not know how much it reduced my bill. But in a couple of cases here, it was possible to dramatically improve the lighting while sharply reducing the wattage usage by using LEDs.
And in addition to those, the seasonal window "candles" using 7 watt incandescents really come alive with 4 watt LEDs.

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"The initial cost is expensive though, right?"

Well two of the three purpose built fixtures I bought were instances where I needed a whole new fixture anyway, and fell in love with the light output of the dedicated LED fixtures, before I was even told by the store clerk they were LEDs! Those three LED fixtures I ended up buying were only $78 apiece at lowes.

The rest were LED bulbs in existing fixtures. I bought a couple of 3-pack 40 watt equivalent LED bulbs @ Costco for $7.88 per pack, with incentives. The I discovered they were about as bright as 60 Watt incandescents.

The 60 watt equivalent bulbs I bought at Lowes for $11 apiece, or Walmart for $8.88 apiece. So I spent about $400 to convert my whole house to LEDs, since I was able to install the ceiling fixtures myself.

Bear in mind, an 240 Volt electrically-heated hot tub is about as ferocious of an energy guzzler as you can possibly find, sitting outside in winter weather like that, and never in my wildest dreams did I expect LEDs to save enough electricity to run the durned thing. When I think about the high cost of LEDs, I also tend to compare the cost of some solar heating panels to generate some electricity, and LEDs, no matter how expensive, are cheaper than solar panels.

But the real killer is going to be the month of December: So far on this power bill we had about 10 days of weather down close to zero, and I have lit up the outside with lots of LED Christmas lights. I am hoping it will stay even again. We will see.

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I bought my first led bulb for my reach in closet. It takes a flood light (why they put that type in there IDK) so it cost me $19. But it stated it would last 25 years at about 3 hours lit up a day.

I am going to slowly make my way around the house and start replacing everything with leds and maybe the fixtures too. I'm not only interested in the savings but also the bright light the leds put out. Our house just doesn't get that much natural light except in our south facing living room.

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Like I said earlier, My energy-efficient house had very few windows, with two of the bedrooms being miserably dark and dank feeling. I went to all the trouble of punching through the walls and having a contractor put windows in those two bedrooms, brightening them up a lot @ a cost of around $1,000. Once I started manically installing LED fixtures, it became obvious the window deal was money not well spent. The one room where I did not put a window in is now every bit as "bright" as the two with windows. The LED fixtures I photographed above have an uncanny resemblance to natural sunlight, only much stronger.

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Just got my latest power bill and all I can say is wow.

Average daily KW usage dropped from 111 per day last year, down to 90 per day this year. It was a whopping 8 degrees colder on average this year than last. This house is all electric heat (heat pump) and electric water heater. Last year no hot tub, this year one was running at 104 degrees F on days where it went well below 0 F.

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The inventors of the LED totally deserved the Nobel Prize. We just added 20 new light fixtures in our ceilings and walls and put IKEA LEDs in every fixture, and even with all those extra lights, our monthly our ConEd bill dropped by 25 percent. Our carbon footprint shrunk and we have a brighter apartment.

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We have replaced many of our fixtures and bulbs with LED fixtures and LED bulbs too. After almost a year , we have had zero problems. We have one LED fixture from IKEA and several LED ceiling flush mount from Costco . The lights are warm bright white and not yellow and certainly better than fluorescent bulbs. We are going to try LED night lights next !

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