6-inch Diameter Shallow Remodel Can for LED

fran123November 5, 2012

Hi all, I hope your electrical challenges are resolving themselves swimmingly. My electrician showed up today intending to wire the ceiling for my small kitchen remodel with 6-inch IC recessed cans only to discover that my attic floor joists are narrow with finished floor over a layer of plywood subfloor, lathe and plaster, and finally a layer of sheetrock providing only 6 inches to play with..

I have spent the better part of a day looking for shallow cans (max height/depth of 6 inches) that will accommodate LED, but all the vendors tell me LED requires the 7.5 height/depth of the standard 6-inch can or I have to switch to 4-inch LED cans. I wanted to avoid 4-inch LEDs because I didn't want to have to double the number of fixtures to avoid shadows and my electrician says it will be hard to fix the 6-inch hole he just drilled into the ceiling this am.

My electrician's supplier says that Juno will be coming out with a shallow 6-inch LED can in 2-3 weeks, but he can't confirm availability and doesn't want to proceed with anything until he can. Meanwhile, we have no water in the kitchen and are cooking with a microwave and there are kitchen cabinets scattered over every unused inch of the house waiting for installation. Of course, we can't proceed with the cabinets until the rough wiring is completed. ;->)

DOes anyone know what else might be out there? I have covered and bombed out with most of the online vendors.

Thank you.

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There is no need to double the number of recessed lights when switching from 6" to 4". The CR4 and CR6 lights have the same nominal output of 575 lumens.

The other alternative is to use lights that can fit into shallow recess cans or the lighting science glimpse.

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David--Thanks so much for posting. I was talking to the folks at Polar today and they did point out the lighting science glimpse, but when I showed the specs to my electrician, he said he didn't think so. I don't know why he wasn't interested, but we do live in CA and have Title 24 and IC installations to comply with.

Do you know specifically if any LED adaptor will work with the shallow 6-inch cans? A lot of them say "will work with many shallow cans..." but that certainly doesn't confirm they will work.

But, just so I understand, if we pursue 4-inch cans, we won't be compromising the lining array, just stuck with how to deal with fixing the one 6-inch hole, right?

Many thanks for your advice and guidance,

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The main issue would be whether the module would fit inside the can.

Btw, the lighting science glimpse is also available @ HD.

Fixing a 6" hole isn't that difficult.
If you're in the sf Bay Area, you may want to try getting a second opinion from Tri phase electric.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tri phase electric

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