Landscape lighting problem hot wires

dwojoNovember 15, 2012

My lights seem to work intermittently - sometimes they all come on other times nothing. It all seems to be around one splice/wire hookup in one part of the ground. I noticed today that the cap around 3 wires was completely melted and the wires were ruined. I trimmed down the wires, re -spliced them together and the lighting works. when I went to put a new cap on the wires were hot to the touch. What could this be indicative of? The wires in the ground go under hardscape and through some pretty hard dirt so I don't know where they all begin and end. I had to make several corrections to get it all working when I moved it. Th

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The current draw may be too high.

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Voltage of the system?

Power of the lights and thus the current they pull?

Low voltage often takes a fairly large current for any decent wattage.

A 100 watt 120 V bulb pulls less than one amp.

A 20 watt 12 V bulb is well over one amp (about 1.7 A).

current drives wire size and wire temperature.

Voltage drives insulation thickness.

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