Recessed lighting that is close to day light?

frenchmanNovember 26, 2009


I want to install 4" recessed lights in my kitchen. Because I removed the 6x3 ft window I had in that kitchen, I would like to get bulbs that are the closest to day light as I can. At the same time, I would like line voltage.

Can you recommend lights that will work for this? It seems from some of what I've read that the MR16 bulbs may be a good fit and are available in line voltage too? (Is that another name?)



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Also, my under cabinet lighting will be Ikea's Grundtal halogen lghting.

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Line voltage versions of the low voltage MR16 lamps are called GU10 or ES16. They will a bit warmer than daylight and nicer IMHO.

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just be careful before you buy.
The GU10 mlamp is a very inferior lamp when it comes to light output, colour rendition,and especially length of life.
There are many of us in the lighting industry that like it see the GU10 lamp disappear.
The MR16 is the best incandescent lamp on the market today, but for many reasons,the market is driving the GU10 and Par20 lamps,both poor substitutes.
Also , as the lamp does all the work in providing light output, the size of ther housing(4" or 5") is dictated by the lamp needed to do the job.
I've seen too many jobs ruined by selecting the recessed fixture based on aperture size, not performance

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Norm, I am under the impression that the MR16 housings are super expensive, and that the ones which are not buzz when dimmed. Is that not true? And does every housing needs its own converter?

I am not opposed to a better solution if the MR16 is it, but I need to keep this from becoming expensive.

I did pick 4" since I think 6" will look too big. I posted a link to my room plan if you want to have a look at it and suggest something, in that other thread. Any input is appreciated.


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I'm not trying to be cute, but "expensive" is relative.
A good quality MR16 , with a decent trim,not a gimbal, should cost you around $75.00.
So, what's the total cost of your reno, and how important is it to you to have the correct light levels in your new kitchen to both do tasks, as well highlight the new cabinets and counter top?
Most decent MR16 fixtures will not cause a hum, if used with a good quality magnetic dimmer.

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