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gwgjr33November 11, 2009


We're considering LED lights for a few places in our house, but I'm having trouble finding much real (non-manufacturer) published information.

We're looking at Cree cans for the kitchens. I've read the related posts here, and feel fairly comfortable with products from Cree. However, we're also looking at possibly using LEDs for some track and spot lighting. There appears to be a lot of product out there, but not much in the way of reviews.

I've looked at LEDConsumer.com and LEDSmagazine.com. Are there any other sources of information on LED lighting that I'm missing?



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To be honest, I would pass on LED track, spots or floods that aren't of commercial grade. They just aren't that well manufactured, and most have a "life" rating longer than the company has been manufacturing said product.
At this point, even with traditional downlighting LEDs, they are still spotty, however they are getting better.

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