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lmm1845December 31, 2010

Hi there. Just had our new electrolux wave w/d set installed a few days ago and i have a couple of questions for those of you that have them...

1). Leaving the door ajar. It seems like it is either all the way open or closed with no way to keep it open just a little. Ours is a laundry closet so the way it is now the big closet door has tobe open all the way so the washer can stay open. Saw someone mention that they were able to leave open just a bit and I'm hoping to find out how

2). After the wash there is about an inch of water in the two right hand cups of the dispenser. Manual says there might be a little but they are basically full. I tried leaving dispenser open and the next day they were still half full which makes me concerned to close it for mold. Because of the tight fit in the closet we would have to leave the closet doors open for days to give enough time for dispenser to dry.

Are these issues with my machines specifically? Any advice on how to resolve?


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I had the SAME issues when I had a Wave Touch set for a few weeks. The doors (which drove me crazy) are open or shut. What we did was use a bungee cord on the little metal clasp hook by the inside of the glass door, and just hooked it (end of hook was rubber coated!!) the rubber boot seal/ring. Looked like hell, but kept the door ajar a few inches and allowed the inside to air out.

After I am done with laundry, I NEVER leave the soap tray in the machine. I either leave it in the sink next to the washer, or just put the tray on top of the machine, on a small microfiber towel or something. This way, with the door ajar (via the bungee cord) and the soap tray removed...the machine can thoroughly air out. I do the same with ALL my Mieles (alas no bungee corde needed :)

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