Preventing water damage

HeathermorDecember 19, 2013

I am in the processes of buying a condo in a converted factory building. The washer and dryer is a stacked front loader unit in a very tight front hall closet. It is nine years old and still works fine. I am concerned that it might leak. I was going to have it pulled out and have the hoses replaced with stainless steel ones, and maybe put a plastic pan under the units. I have heard of automatic water cut off valves that turn off after each completed load. Are they hard to install and would they be a resonable choice since I am on the fourth floor with apartments under me? Any advise or things to look out for would be greatly appreciated.

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Stainless is the only way to go.

yes, you could install the auto shut off valves w/o much trouble.

For a few dollars, you can buy a VERY LOUD moisture alarm at Home Depot. I have one under each sink, and the hot water heater. Those suckers will just about blow out your eardrums if they sense moisture.

Change the stainless hoses roughly every 5 years. If they break the leaks are far less catastrophic than non-stainless and if you are home, the water sensor will alert you quickly.

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Just be aware the majority of the stainless hoses are not really stainless but a regular rubber hose with the stainless braiding on the outside. They do make floodcheck hoses which have a valve in them at the faucet side which will stop if it senses a major leak. Although I used them on our toilet and every other flush it wanted to shut it off.

I'd second the pan and alarm.

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I expected the OP to understand that a "hose" isn't pure stainless steel...sigh

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Thank you for your quick replies. The washer dryer are housed in a very tight closet with no room to reach behind and turn off valves. I never thought of the moisture alarms. Great idea. I will get them for under the 2 bathrooms sinks and the kitchen also. Do they need electric or do they run on batteries? I will check into the floodcheck hoses.

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they run off of AAA's or AA's.

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