another undercabinet light help please!

j-ykNovember 18, 2011

Now I have to decide whether to go with Xenon under cabinet light (it will be Juno) or regular flourescent under cabinet light (GE premium ones supposedly with no hums and delays...) I can't go with LED because of the cost and immediate availability.

Dimming function is not as important but I do like the Xenon light quality but a bit worried about the effect of the heat on the upper cabinet since our cabinet is not a solid wood (Ikea cabinet). I heard that some of Xenon makes the bottom of the upper cabinet peel over time. Or have they become better? Of course, GE fluorescent ones will be cheaper by about $100 or so.

Any opinions? What would you go with? Thank you!

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T4 fluorescent.

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Another vote for the GEs. We've had ours (5 total) for 5 years and they still work great. Think I've replaced one bulb. I was just reading some threads on other subjects where the bottom line was "you get what you pay for."

This is one case where spending more money doesn't add lots of value.

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