Danby compact dryer problems

rodeobearDecember 20, 2010

I have a matching Danby FL washer/dryer pair. These were bought several years ago at Home Depot and they are at my vacation house. I love the washer but the dryer and me are not on speaking terms. Seems the "auto dry" selection will only make the dryer run for about 10 minutes (always done this, since new)...so I have to use the timed cycle for 60 minutes then reset it for about 20-30 more minutes on most loads. I would like to be able to just set the dryer on "auto" and walk away...then come back to dry clothes.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and how did you fix it? Can the sensor me relocated? Where would I relocate it?


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"Can the sensor BE relocated? Sorry for the typo.

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Rodeobear - I also own a Danby set. One thing, and maybe you've tried this, when you first turn the machine on, move the dial to the "0" right at the top. Let it set there for 2-5 sec. Ok, now move it to the auto choice you would like, look at the light panel and see that the light come on next to the choice you made, like xtrdry. Once that light is lit, hit start.

The reason being, is if the very first thing you dried you did so on a 10 min cycle, it will always choose that cycle unless you clear it by going to the "0" first. Anytime you want to choose a different cycle you need to stop by "0" first.

Let me know if that helps.

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