Undercabinet Lighting Help

bakerbostonNovember 16, 2011

I have 3 wall cabinets going into my brand new kitchen remodel. There are 2 that are 21" wide and 1 that is 24" wide. Based on this, what size undercabinet lights should I get? I want them to be xenon and have the ability to hardwire all 3 to a single dimmer switch. Would love any advice on sizes and specific lights (links to specific products are welcome)! Thanks.

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Consider geting an LED fixture instead. The light color will be just fine, are dimmable and they will turn far less electricity into heat. That is important because the heat will go up and into enclosed cabinets. Just check out the fixtures at Home Depot or your local lighting store for ones that fit within the inside width of your cabinets.

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We replaced our original halogen "hockey puck" lights with LED ones from Home Depot and have been very happy with them. They produce a nice light. We don't dim them, have never found a need for that because they point down and don't produce glaring light.

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What about the color of the light from LED? We chose a rangehood that didn't have a LED light because of complaints that the light was blue.

We can't decide on undercabinet lighting and I feel I am going crazy over this one kitchen decision.

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There is LED lighting that has a color output of 2700k - 3000k. The lighting need not be blue (>=3500k). Start another thread if necessary.

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