Pick a peck of peaches for how much?

Virginia7074August 21, 2007

I was hoping to buy a half bushel of peaches for $12 at the Farmer's Market Saturday - these would have been "canning peaches" - but the usual guy didn't have any. He offered to make up a half bushel of "first pick" for $22, but I would have had to go to the ATM and then go back - plus, I thought that sounded high, so I didn't do it.

DH and I thought we'd go peach-picking today, but the closest PYO, about 25 miles away, has peaches for $1.89/pound - plus $5 to park. Ouch! Another one about 40 miles away has PYO's for $1.19 a pound.

How much is a peck, half bushel, bushel of peaches in your neck of the woods - PYO or already picked? Just curious.

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I paid $.99 a pound for peaches from 500 miles away....because the local peaches got frozen out this spring. They were in the store and I didn't have to even pick them. Not as good as local...but better than none.
Linda C

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Here in the wilds of NJ. $1.39 a lb plus .50 for each 1/2 bushel box (or you can bring your own container and save the 50 cents).

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I paid $12.00 for an 8 qt basket of Red Havens --- a nice firm freestone variety-- at Morgan's Farm market stand-- not sure of the weight-- at least 12 #
I think-- that's what .80 per pound? Used a bit more than half the basket up with Freezer Peach Jam , 2 batches of Peach Preserves for a Cold Morning so the end result was certainly worth the price .

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Peaches are really high here this year, $12 a half bushel or $24 a bushel, up from $8 a half bushel last year. The heat and drought really got them and they're really small.

I can buy "seconds", some big some small and a few with bruising, for $12 a bushel at the local Amish store and I may do that, for jam and freezer fruit.


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I paid $18.99 for a 20# box. Nice big Red Haven peaches.


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Ah, OK - my prices are spot on then. Plus, I'd forgotten to make the drought connection for a moment.

I really want to try those "Peach Preserves for a Cold Morning." I just like the sound of 'em . . .

Harris Teeter had raspberries for $2.50/pint this week. Just finished a batch of regular raspberry jam. Now, I'm going to make 2 batches with Framboise, if DH can track down some liquid pectin.

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I am selling peaches for $14. an 8 qt basket. They are wonderful tasting clings. Our free stones should be ready in about a week.

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