Lighting plan for kitchen URGENT help needed..(Davidtay & others)

MSethNovember 11, 2013

I have been reading all expert advice and tips about placing on recessed lighting. Thanks to such a wonderful forum for making things understandable and sensible!

Please advise/critique on the lighting plan of our kitchen. The ceiling is 8' and the kitchen is completely gutted.

We have decided (kindof!) on 4' LED cans. I spaced the cans almost 3 feet apart (trying to keep it aesthetically pleasing as can be). Need help in deciding if one above the kitchen desk is needed or not. We will be getting under-cabinet lighting which is another beast I have to start researching on...The red ones are 2 pendant lights on the island.

Please help decide on this and the contractor is moving fast and asking for the cans placement decision.

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If the desk area is going to get used quite extensively, yes, it would be better to have a can (assuming no cabinetry above). If there is cabinetry above, the light could be provided from a high output UCL.

You could reduce the number of cans
Locations which could see some elimination
1. around the island side
2. bottom of the diagram (2 cans)

The exact layout will still be impacted by the location of the ceiling joists (~ 16" oc).

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You might be able to reduce it to 7 - 9 cans and use UCL to compensate.

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Thank you so much Davidtay!
Reduced to 9 cans..will be posting about UCL soon :-)

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Quick question for UCL:
Contractor will be running the electrical for the whole house starting next week. Cabinets have been ordered but far from install till Dec end I think.
What do I need to plan for UCL now so that wiring is taken care of? I have just started reading about UCL and saw there are two options: hard wired or plugged in.
Please give some pointers to start..

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The UCL thread on this forum has all the info you can use. Read that as there are many things which need to be considered such as whether your cabinets have a completely flat bottom from one end of the run to the other.

For starters - UCL will either be low (12v - 24v DC ) or line voltage (120V or 240V AC depending on where you're located on the globe).

If you want a finished look, the UCL has to be hardwired, with all the necessary wiring tucked away appropriately.

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Another important question I need answer for TODAY please...
How far from the wall should we center the cans?

* 4 inch LED cans
* 8 feet ceiling
* Kitchen has upper cabinets (12 inch)
* Will have standard width granite counter top -251/2 I think
* Will have UCL

Uploaded latest lighting plan.

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~ 30" +/- 2" IMO. Talk to your cabinet maker and gc. You don't want the lights too close to the molding (if any).

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Thanks Davidtay..
When I was reading through GW, saw some posts where it says when u stand on counter to work, if recessed light is behind you then it creates your shadow on the counter....
I am understanding that you said 30inch because that issue will be remedied by having UCL? Is that correct?
If we do not get UCL should we move closer?

Thanks much.

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The placement will be dictated by whatever is above the ceiling. Depending on how the joists run, duct work, roof pitch, dimensions of the can... You may not be able to get under 28" from the wall.

In addition, you might also want to have some distance from the crown molding.

Figure out how close you can get first.

The CR4 is relatively diffuse compared with BR lamps which helps reduce the spotlight effect and associated shadowing.

You'll still need UCL.

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