Foyer/Stairway lighting

Melissa-KitchenNovember 13, 2012


I am trying to replace a terrible light that hangs in our stairway. As you can see by the picture, we have an open staircase that goes from the basement to the second floor. Right now we have a really dated hurricane type lamp that I couldn't despise more. Really anything would be an improvement. Have I mentioned that I don't like it? :)

My question is, what type of light would you suggest? I have a limited width, probably a maximum of 24 inches. My local lighting store suggested a chandelier. I'll post it in a different thread because I can't figure out how to attach multiple pictures.

I would appreciate any input.

Thank you!


Here is a link that might be useful: Horrible light I have now

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Here is a light that was suggested to me. Any thoughts? Suggestions?

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My personal opinion is to not get the ones with globes, especially the ones going upward, if you don't have good access to the chandelier. Dust, bugs etc will collect in there if you can't get to it. But if you can, and you want the globes, I'd think the ones going downward would give more light. I like the chandelier with no globes at all.

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I agree with mountaineergirl, you should choose globes downward for practical reasons like the picture below:

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