Outdoor lighting

wdc202November 23, 2012

I want to light up (to a level approximating a full moon) an area about 200�wide by 100�deep behind my house. I envision installing lights on a tree trunk located in the lower right hand corner of the property.

a. How high up on the tree should I place the light(s)?

b. What kind of bulbs should I use: flood lights or some other kind?

c. What wattage should I install?

d. In burying the power cable from my house to the mounting tree, how deep must the trench be? I live in Baltimore MD.

e. I want to be able to turn the light(s) on and off using a wireless remote switch. Can someone please suggest

a suitable make/model?

Thanks. ....wdc

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Check with your city/ county on any possible restrictions first.

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