Miele W1903 water inlet hose

potteryladyDecember 17, 2011

Does anyone know if I can use a standard steel braided water inlet hose on my Miele W1903 washer?

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More info for my previous post. The spare braided hose that I have has 2 straight ends as compared to the Miele that has one straight end and one 90 degree elbow end. I also noticed that the spares do not have mesh screens. I hope someone can tell me if I can use this.

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Yes, you can use it.

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You definitely need those screens on both ends. If you can fit them into the new hose, fine. If not, don't go without them, they protect the extremely small water orifices within the water inlet pathway. If you get debris within the sealed plenum that the water flows through you will need a much more expensive replacement part and possibly a costly installation if you don't work on the machines yourself.

Be very careful getting the screens out of the old hose, as they are quite fragile. If you tear one, new ones can be purchased from Miele. Before you purchase new screens (if needed) make sure they will fit in the new hose. New Miele hoses are very expensive, IIRC $60, which is absurd. The screens aren't pricey, by themselves.



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Thanks for the answers. A friend stopped in and helped me use the original Miele hose that I thought was leaking. All I needed to do was add a rubber washer and tighten it, boy do I feel stupid! Now to tackle the dryer hook up. Looks like my good deal on a Miele washer dryer is going to cost a little more bringing in the electric line I need for the Miele double receptacle. Can't wait to use these machines, have been reading about them on this forum for some time.

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