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legallinDecember 17, 2012

We have not had to purchase a washer and dryer in a long time. Since then, they have gotten a lot more complex, and expensive, with many more options. The more research I do, the more confused I get. Especially when I read the contradicting reviews. Many will say a particular machine or model is the best they have ever had and even makes doing laundry "fun". Then there will be others who say that the same model machine doesn't get clothes clean, destroys the clothes, and/or has already broken 5 times!

I know that there will be both satisfied and dissatisfied customers for any kind of product, but the laundry reviews seem to be especially disparate!

Help! Where can I find a decent and dependable mid-price range pair of machines?!?

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It's kind of a crap shoot and your experience with a washer/dryer brand can be very different from someone else's.

Some love LG and others don't.
From what I've read here, I've read people complain about LG and Samsung's and Whirlpool's customer service.
You want a manufacturer to stand behind their product.

I've read good things about Electrolux's customer service.
Frigidaire, Electrolux's economical brand seems to have less issues from what I've read around the internet.

Personally I like Electrolux/Frigidaire and would recommend you compare them when looking at washer/dry brands.

Best of luck with whatever you choose.

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