BR40 in 6 inch cans

hawkeye2256November 11, 2013

Would a BR40 lamp fit in 6 inch recessed can? I found Feit 17w BR40 lamps at Costco for a price of 8.99 each after manufacturer's rebate. Electrician says they'll be a little too big. Why wouldn't a lamp with 5 inch diameter fit in a 6 inch can?

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There is a trim piece to cover the jagged edges of the hole which might get in the way.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

For $10 more you can fit an LED retrofit in that can. You'll save energy dollars and have a nice, clean light.

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A BR LED light + trim ring is in the same cost range as a CR6 (which comes with an attached trim ring) today.

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6-inch cans are for Br40s, and 5-inch are for BR30s. The last owners of my house put BR30s in the 6-inch cans, and not only did they look lost inside the giant cans, they also were too dim.

I've been replacing the Br30s in my basement (Juno cans) with Feit/Lowes Br40s (17 and 22 watt versions) and they are MUCH brighter (and much brighter than the CREEs). And when they do burn out, I won't have to worry about having mismatching trim (will CREE stil be making CR6s 20 years from now?).

The only 6-inch cans I've had problems with are some of the shallower one that are often used in insulated ceiling (e.g. Halo H7icat). For those I've used the new Lighting Science/Home Depot Ecosmart BR40s. They have the width of a BR40, but the depth of a Br30, so they don't stick out of the fixture.

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Many things can happen in 20 years. Companies may go bust, merge, lighting styles pass away, ...

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True, but I bet in 20 years I can buy a bulb in the Br40 form-factor. I'd rather have one bulb that looks different from all the others, than an entire fixture that looks different.

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