calypso again! gray whites!

julescapDecember 29, 2011

I can't believe we've been able to keep this thing basically functional for so many yrs! Anyway..latest issue is husband replaced the wash tub drain last month so now it's not throwing daily codes! Now however,the cycle completes but the clothes are dirty...very dingy whites and lights. It's almost seems as though the dirtier pieces have soaked in gray water. Any ideas?

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Not to be negative, but there are a ton of threads and information here regarding your topic. Why not try doing a search first, then come back if you can't find the answer? I think that's a good solution.

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@shriva, I think what the OP was trying to say is that this issue of dirty laundry is new in her machine since the last repair was done.

@julescap, it sounds like the new pump was not installed properly and is not pumping the dirty wash water out? Or maybe even adding some residue to the wash? Can you run a tub clean cycle on the washer with really hot water to try and flush it out? Also, did you observe the entire cycle and confirm that the pump is in fact doing what it's supposed to do?

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Is this a Whirlpool or Kenmore Calypso? The pump can be tested in diagnostic mode for proper functioning.

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Thanks for responding guys!

@izeve, yes...this is a new problem since the last repair. I don't have a tub clean cycle but I periodically use a bleach etc tub clean though I haven't done it recently. I'm thinking more along the lines of what you said about pump not being installed properly. I can't really observe the action of cycles in my washer as it stops when top is opened. I think my husband will try to test the pump in diagnostic mode this w/e.

@dadoes, it's a Kenmore and we do have the husband will try to test this w/e

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@ julescap

Sorry for my earlier post, I misunderstood your question. The only thing I can think of would possibly be a reverse siphoning of dirty water from the drain back into your machine, but most machines will have an anti-siphon feature in the pump/drain to prevent this from happening.

Is it possible when you replaced the drain that somehow compromised the anti-siphon system? I'm just thinking out loud.

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There's not much chance of installing the pump wrong. It fits into the machine just one way, with just two hoses connected. Calypso runs the pump ~95% of the time during a cycle, either in one direction for recirculation or the reverse direction for draining. The design of the machine largely eliminates the possibility of siphoning in drain water.

Suggestion: Run a Heavy cycle with hottest water you can get, no clothes, and a good dose (1 measured cup) of LemiShine.

Love my Calypso, washes & rinses very well.

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