Fisher Paykel DGGX1 Auto Sensing Problem

firefourDecember 30, 2011


I have a Fisher Paykel DGGX1 dryer. I recently changed the ignitor and I touched nothing else. After that, when using the dryer in the auto sensing mode it stays in the drying mode and never moves to damp etc. I changed the sensor module and cleaned the sensor bars. The dryer is clean and lint free. I read this happening to others. When I test the sensor bars with my fingers the indication changes. Can anyone help? Timed drying mode is OK

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Check that the ground wire that attaches to the lower edge of the front panel is still attached.

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Ground wire is attached. Inside there is a ground spade thats not connected to anything and it lays there. It doesn't go anywhere that it would connect to something. Its in the area where the power wire comes in, one end is connected to the bottom panel and the other goes to the plug. Its near the back of the brown control box.

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Inside there is a ground spade thats not connected to anything and it lays there. It doesn't go anywhere that it would connect to something.This is the other end of the ground wire that's on the front panel? ... or a different wire? Both ends of the ground wire, or any wire, must be connected or it doesn't do anything, of course. The panel ground wire connects to a terminal that's integral to the base panel, near the motor module. Also make sure that the screw that secures the motor module to the base panel is not loose. Proper grounding of all internal components and of the dryer itself to the electrical supply is necessary for proper functioning of the moisture sensor.

Perhaps post a picture of the wire in question if there's further question about it.

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Thanks for helping me out. The green wire comes from the 120v plug wire it goes to a male spade connector then branches off the back of the spade to the bottom panel ground connection. It's that spade that isn't connected to anything. The wire diagram just shows a ground wire from the plug to ground which it is going to the bottom panel. Its the branched off spade that isn't connected. It doesn't go far and I see no female that it would plug into. There is a electrical connector mounted on the side of the bottom panel mounted brown box. The connector has two wires going in and two out the other side. No place for the spade on the connector that I can see. I really appreciate this help.

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BTW The front panel ground wire attaches to the bottom panel ground post. I also cleaned where the front panel ground connects. Someone else on another posting posted the same exact problem. Changed the ignitor and the sensor stopped working. It has me baffled. I cheked all the grounds that I can see and they are tight. They could have used one single wire to the bottom panel ground. Unless that spade is used on another dryer model. Please have a Safe & Happy New Year.

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My DEGX1 for comparison.

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The green spade wire Im speaking of is laying right at the brown box where the yellow, black & red wire lay on the bottom panel. It comes from the power cord to the spade and back out to the ground tab on the lower panel behind the brown box. I also have a white pull apart connector mounted on the side of the brown box 2 wires in and 2 wires out. Thanks for the pic mine is hooked up the same. Do you have a ground wire plugging into the back of that brown box? I really appreciate your effort. I not sure how to post a pic here or I would take one and attach it.

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The brown box is the motor controller module, also sends power to the heating elements (or gas burner). My unit is electric so has slightly different wiring than your 120v gas model, although grounding likely should be the same. There is no green wire at back of the motor module on my machine. Of the three ground wires connected to the terminals at front/center of the chassis bottom panel, the left is from the side of the motor module (green w/yellow tracer), 2nd (green) attaches to the frame above, 3rd (green) attaches to the front panel. There has never been a wire on the 4th (right) terminal.

Posting a picture here requires that it first be put online elsewhere, such as at Photobucket, Flickr, or other free photo hosting/sharing service, then linked in the post via HTML code (the photo will appear in your post preview if it's coded properly).

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Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWeb Laundry Room Gallery

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I really think this ground spade was never connected to anything. It only stretches a few inches and there is nothing to connect it to. Yes my front has the same three ground wires. I don't think this is the reason. I have cleaned the sensor bars, checked they aren't touching etc. Like I said all I did was replace the ignitor. Someone else had the same problem also. I have checked everything and replaced the sensor also. The dryer exhaust pipe is clean. The pipe makes a bend after coming out of the dryer could it be causing a back pressure issue?

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Is the exhaust arrangement (the bend in question) different than before the repair? Exhaust obstructions can have an effect on drying performance, but if timed drying produces a dry load in a reasonable time then this is probably not the problem ... or at least not all of the problem. A significant obstruction of the exhaust would (usually) cause tripping of the overheat protector on the heater/burner box, which generates a fault code. In any case, the exhaust run should be as straight/short as possible.

This much obstruction on my exhaust caused overheat faults.

Setting my dryer at an angle to for better alignment of the ducting into the wall opening fixed the problem.

You said above that the sensor bars pass diagnostic testing. Does a cycle shut-off with no clothes, and how long does it run? As an example, I ran mine a few mins ago on Delicate, Normal dry. Slightly less than 8 mins from start to finish. Your time may vary a little due to differences in gas vs. electric (gas may run a little longer due to burner ignition time), and cool-down time is variable in auto-dry mode to the 95F trigger point.

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