Frigidaire GLER331AS2 electric dryer problem

pitypatDecember 2, 2010

Started the dryer & everything was as usual. 15 minutes later I noticed it was not running. Nothing happens when the start button is turned to start. No noise, no hum or clicking, nothing. Checked the obvious (flipped breaker, wall outlet) both are ok. Dryer just wont turn on. Thanks for any help

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Most dryers nowadays have one or two thermal fuses that blow (they do not auto-reset) in response to overheating. One protects the heating element primarily in case the element shorts to ground, in which case it will heat even if the dryer is turned off. It also acts as a safety backup for the element overheat thermostat (which does auto-reset and prevents overheating of the element if the airflow obstructed). If this fuse blows, the dryer may run but won't heat.

The other fuse blows if the air temp inside the drum gets too high, such as may happen if the operating thermostat fails to shut off the heat at the target temperature. In most cases of this fuse triggering, the machine won't run at all.

A bad timer, failed push-to-start switch, failed door safety switch, or bad motor can also cause a dead machine.

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